Friday night wrap up

Sorry about not updating you on the later parts of the game. For some reason my internet connection started conking out. I eventually got it back up and kicking but by then the score was a little out of hand and I had to start writing the story for tomorrow’s paper.

Indiana pulled it out, winning 106-46.

Some of you wanted to know about the opponent and I think the score really tells the story. The Bahamas Select team would be a decent, but not great, 17-under AAU team. They’re athletic but raw and not very thick. They had a few quicks who would have caused problems in a more structured offense but weren’t schooled enough to handled Indiana’s high-pressure defense, which never relented despite the lopsided score. Sampson wanted them to work on defense, and they did.

Otherwise, the Bahamian team was simply overmatched.

D.J. White played just 16 minutes. When he was out there, he was doing whatever he wanted.

Also, Indiana shot just 2-for-18 from 3-point, which Kelvin Sampson said was an abberation.

“All the shots were wide open,” he said. “I was happy with them, and if we get them again we might go 10 for 17.”

A few notes:

  • Sampson will give the guys some free time tomorrow night since they don’t have to play a game. Seems like a good idea. What good is it to come to this island and work the whole time?
  • Kyle Taber played significant minutes, whereas the other two walkons — Adam Ahlfeld and newcomer Brett Finklemeier — didn’t. We had only a few moments with Sampson after the game, but tomorrow should be better. I’ll try to figure out if Taber could fit into the rotation somewhere.
  • Sampson said after the game that Gordon was nervous in the early minutes. “It’s nice to see him get nervous,” Sampson said. “If they don’t get nervous, they don’t care.”
  • I’ll work on posting pictures and possibly video soon, but as Mike Pegram said to me tonight, “This gym is about the worst gym ever for taking pictures.” I might post stuff just so you can see how dark it was in this place.
  • I’ll podcast soon, too.


  1. “Seems like a good idea. What good is it to come to this island and work the whole time?” I like that line, too bad you have to work the whole time!

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