Hardy: Bloomington has to be like a family to turn IU football around

IU receiver James Hardy said Tuesday that he could see some Indiana fans panicking and losing belief in the team during Saturday’s loss to Illinois.

“You could see it during the game,” Hardy said. “They all of a sudden just leave. For us, as hard as we’ve been working. I mean, we’ve been working to put this program where it needs to be. We actually just need the support.

“We know the 107 of us, and with the coaching staff, believe in each other. Now it’s just our job to try to have the whole community behind us, win or lose. Michigan lost two games. Their people are still behind them. For us to turn this program around, Bloomington has to be somewhat like a family. We have to stay together regardless, win or lose, to get this program turned around.”

Hardy wasn’t, however, trying to put the loss on IU’s fans. He said the Hoosiers made too many mistakes to win.

“First it was the turnovers,” he said. “I had a big one. I fumbled where I’ve never fumbled before. Looking back on it, it was a careless effort not hanging onto the ball going into traffic with two arms.”

Hardy said he had talked with Marcus Thigpen and Ray Fisher, who also fumbled, about making mistakes they don’t usually make.

“From top to bottom, every position didn’t play well,” Hardy said. “We’ve got to know that and go work harder and get ready for Iowa.”


  1. He’s right. We as hooshiers should really start caring more. If anything, to just say we care for our own.

  2. I am tired of being patient!! A decade+ of losing football cannot be erased just because James Hardy feels it should be.

    Win some games against good teams and people will eventually come.

  3. I can say I was still in the stadium when the clock hit 0:00. That being said, I was really happy when the ignorant IU fans around me left. At least I didn’t have to listen to idiots who don’t know the rules of the game any longer.

    Jeff is right, it was very hot in the stands. Sad thing is it was 30+ degrees hotter on the field for the guys who are playing for IU.

    A lot of people have questioned his maturity, his heart, his ability and has called him lazy this week. Sounds to me like he is mature enough to take on his own mistakes, and has the heart to call out the lazy IU football “fans”. To bad it is just a reason for people to get drunk and stupid.

  4. Michigan fans supported their team after two losses because kids like Mike Hart, Jake Long, and Shawn Crable were pouring their heart and soul out on the field. What we saw Saturday was an unfocused, unprepared IU team. In my opinion, the game was decided when Thigpen fumbled on the first drive. We had them on their heels, but we were so unfocused we failed to properly protect the ball on a drive that could have set the tone for the game.

  5. I never knew I could be so angry about the IU football team until I read several transcripts from this weeks press conference.

    After what can only be described as an embarrasing performance at home on Saturday (Tracy Porter excluded), Hardy is more concerned about how many fans there are and what time they leave. I stayed until Lewis threw an interception in the endzone in the final minutes, why I waited that long is beyond me. It certainly wasn’t to see another braindead turnover.

    I was hopeful that the team would come out this week and practice with determination and show the “Don’t Quit” attitude before they go on the road in the Big Ten. Instead they’re already making excuses and preparing to mail it in for the rest of the season.

    Hardy, if you want be coddled, you can go play at Oklahoma State. Their coach has 21-year-old children for players who come home crying if their fans aren’t super supportive, he’ll throw a hissy fit if anyone picks on you, too. Why don’t you show a little focus and effort out on the field, then you can call out the fans. But if you’re not going to make an effort on the field, why should anyone make an effort to come to a game?

  6. Tim:

    Are you kidding? James Hardy is one of the most consistent performers in recent IU football history. I’m not sure what else you’d like him to do. I feel great about him calling out for the fans. Keep in mind, this is a kid that could have played IU basketball for four years and be adored by fans regardless of if he is a star or not.

    This is a team that lost it’s leader and the catalyst that would have ultimately lifted IU football back to respectability. They’re 3-1 this season and I guarantee they make a bowl game. They lost to a rapidly improving Illinois team and probably could have been in a position to win the game sans the mental errors, which Hardy admitted to.

    Effort to go to a football game? Support all of your school’s sports, assuming you attend or have graduated from Indiana.

  7. I’m not really sure what you’re basing your opinions on. Hardy has 4 touchdowns and over 300 yards for the last two games against this week’s opponent. Keep in mind, he scored three touchdowns in the victory against the then ranked Hawkeyes, including the game winner.

    Also, if you’re philosophy is that statistics tell the opposite story of who played well or not, which was made apparent based on your comment about Tracy Porter above, I suggest you reconsider.

  8. Tracy Porter played very well on Saturday. If you watched him play against Akron, it was a night and day difference.

  9. The only reason I left early was b/c it had to be 90 degrees in the stands. Early fall games should be later. I had to leave before I dehydrated…I would have bought a bottled water, but I only had $40 with me, so I couldnt afford one.

  10. I take exception to Hardy’s comments. I was there til the very end.

    I can accept mistakes, fumbles, dropped passes, etc. But he needs to look into a mirror and ask himself if’s he is taking plays off. He is. What good is being double covered when he’s not running good routes hard. If he’s a leader he should dset the example not be the exception.

    I really wonder about his commitment to playing hard. He definetly has more to learn about football.

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