Here’s to Iowa’s Homecoming Win…. Wait, I mean…

So why don’t I get to go to any of the good games? Since interns only cover home games, I was stuck watching IU’s win yesterday on a blurry TV on the patio at Sports, and before that, just checking Chris’ updates and listening to Don Fisher on the radio. Would’ve been great to be there. Looked like the Iowa fans were just in shock.

No complaints from me, though. What a win. Personally, I’m calling it the biggest road win Indiana’s had since Oregon in 2004. From what I saw, Indiana came to play the whole game and showed at least the Iowa fans that they’re not a easy Homecoming win. Or even a win at all. How would you feel if you’re an Iowa fan assuming an easy victory over IU for Homecoming, then get pummeled 38-20?

All the doubts IU fans had after last week’s debacle against Illinois had to be at least calmed a little after yesterday’s convincing victory. What a statement the Hoosiers made in Iowa City, leading the whole way. I’m giving credit to Bill Lynch and his staff, because he had his team ready to play and kept them focused after getting a lead early. Sad to say, but after last week’s disappointing performance, I heard grumblings on campus where students didn’t think Lynch should stay after this year. So, partly because of fans like that, it was great to see Indiana perform the way they did.

Last week in The Scoop I asked: “How will the Hoosiers respond?” And boy did they answer my question yesterday. What’s everyone’s thoughts? And more importantly, how will Indiana perform Saturday against Minnesota with a re-energized fan base behind them?


  1. i am one of those who questioned lynch after the illinois game. i agree with you that this game was great to see after last weeks loss. i think the whole team, lynch included, played this game much better. for the record, i really like lynch. i’ve had a class with him, and he’s a cool guy. but after that illinois game, i was seriously doubting he would be back next year. i don’t want it to be a situation where iu keeps him just because it’s convenient. he needs to earn it. i think he has a great chance to keep his post based on recruiting: since hep passed away, the recruiting hasn’t missed a beat. in fact, i believe it’s gotten better. the program is on the right track, and lynch is the man leading it that way. this is not happening in spite of lynch – he is one of the driving forces behind it. but i think needs to keep the play calling aggressive. last week, he kept conservative and never adjusted. he just got out coached. and let’s face it, coaching in a game is more important than recruiting. that isn’t to say he cannot get better. the whole team, program, and community need to get better. if this iowa road win is any signal, the hoosiers will be better. and it all starts with lynch. i think he will earn his stripes.

  2. Agree completely.. He must earn it. He will have plenty of chances in the next few weeks. Greenspan is in a tuff situation with the head coach position. Will a trip to a bowl game be enough? Mike Davis did well the season after we lost Knight and we see where that got us. Sorry to make that comparison again, but learning from mistakes vital if one wants to succeed… However, if Lynch goes to a bowl and WINS… that would be enough to keep him around.. In my opinion of course…

  3. They responded well, but still need to protect the ball better. That being said, they need to move past this and look toward Saturday. IU went to the Metrodome last year seeking their 6th win and the ability to make a bowl trip. They got flat out embarased with their worse loss of the season. Indiana can’t forget that, they can’t mark this up as a win. Minnesota has a high power offense, and can put up points on the board very easy, luckily for IU, they have a very weak secondary, and give up almost 38 points per game.

    I am not sure what the crowd will be like. After that win, it may be energized, and could have a big home team crowd this weekend, or the fans might chalk this up as a win, and stay out partying and not worry about watching them play.
    I would really like to see 45,000+ in the stadium, though I still have my doubts that the band wagon jumpers will even get the croud up to 40,000.

  4. I just checked the latest polls. While we are not close to cracking the top 25 (T-43rd), Indiana has recieved at least one vote for the USA Today poll. I am not much on them, but this is a big moral victory, I can’t remember the last time we even got a vote in football!!!

  5. Thats great news Mike! I hadn’t checked the poll yet… Hopefully, we can continue our pressure on the quarterback this week. I don’t see the Gophers stopping our O….

  6. Just proves the cliche of taking one game at a time. WIth turnovers and other factors, you never know which team is going to show. Congrats to Coach Lynch for preparing the team and for the guys not giving up. I hope they can be mindful that Minnesota can arrive with the same intensity that the Hoosiers had Sat. Defend the rock and show up. Fans and Players both.

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