Hoosiers locked out

The Hoosiers showed up at Kendal Isaacs at about 11 a.m. this morning only to find it locked. The players and coaches sat outside quietly for about 15 minutes until someone showed up to let them in. Freshman point guard Jordan Crawford sat and rapped to himself. Eventually a few fans started showing up and the players greeted them as they too waited to get in.

Now Kelvin Sampson appears to be running an actual practice. He’s teaching the new guys a play, one Indiana ran often last year, designed to get the ball into the paint.

This is how quickly Sampson works: he put the offense only through the play three times and then went live with it, forcing the guys to deal with defense right away.

And of course the offense, led by point guard Armon Bassett got muddled up on their first try. So Sampson jumped right into the fray and started demonstrating.