How will the Hoosiers respond?

Bill Lynch, coming off his first loss as IU’s head coach, will face a tough test Saturday in an Iowa team that took No. 9/7 Wisconsin down to the wire before losing. I’m interested to see how IU responds after Saturday’s disappointing outing against Illinois. It’ safe to say that facing Iowa on the road will be a stiffer test than Illinois at home, but you never really know with the Big Ten, especially in a crazy year like this one. Granted, IU’s best win of the year, maybe of the past few years, came last year when they knocked off No. 13 Iowa at Memorial Stadium 31-28. What a game that was. But moving back to this weekend, how do you think IU will respond?

I think it will show a lot about what kind of football team Indiana really has this year. The first three games, though impressive at times, weren’t against the kind of competition Indiana is going to face the rest of the year in the Big Ten. And on top of that, all of a sudden Ball State is anything but a guaranteed home win after they nearly upset Nebraska in Lincoln a few days ago. All of a sudden, the three wins IU needs for a bowl look a lot harder than previously thought.

As Doug reported Monday night, Bill Lynch said his team’s mistakes against Illinois are fixable. I’m sure all of you out there hope so. Lynch emphasized in his press conference after the game that IU made adjustments at half-time Saturday, and from there played a much better half of football on the defensive side of the ball. IU’s week of practice will be equally important as they prepare for the Hawkeyes.

Saturday’s game should show us a lot about this football team: How they come back after a tough loss, if they can compete on the road in the Big Ten, and how they can learn and make adjustments after getting outcoached the week before. What do you guys think? What are you expecting and hoping to see come Saturday afternoon?


  1. Juan Blanco – I will go even better, it is not the kids, it is not the game plan, it is the defensive sets, stunts, and blitz packages that they will use.

  2. Well, we will just have to hope… I will be at my local watering hole here in SC, wearing my faded IU hat and my Hurryin Hoosiers T-shirt.. It will be a celebration, or another hard day… Either way… Go Hoosiers!!!

  3. I will have a walkman on so I can listen to Don call the game. My son has a youth game at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, so I will be on his football field.

  4. So we made adjustments at half time and played better defense after that. That’s not encouraging. Why can’t we make adjustments on the fly? Better yet, why weren’t we prepared for their offense in the first place?

  5. 105.1 locally carries the game.

    Jack – it is not always easy to adjust on the fly. I know I deal with younger kids, I was trying to adjust the defense the whole first half in our game Sunday, it wasn’t till half time I could get all my defensive guys on the same page and get the proper adjustments made.

  6. Kinda off topic, but IU needs some better talent. It’s just so hard to sell a program that hasn’t done anything since the Regan administration to an elite prospect. Especially when they’re competing for recuits with the likes of OSU, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State in the big ten, and not to mention Notre Dame. The illinois loss was definately a tough pill to swallow, and it’s gonna be hard to recover.

  7. Steve-O – yes they do need better talent to become an top team year in year out, but the kids who did come here, that work their butts off in school and practice not deserve our support? There are the few gems like Hardy, Lewis, but for the most part, these kids are not superstars and we knew this comming in. So why cut on them, call them names, boo them on their home field?

  8. Scott – I still have my original walkman from 3rd or 4th grade, the radio still works, though the tape player doesn’t. I might use my son’s mp3 player, it is smaller and has a FM radio. 🙂

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