Bill Lynch was level-headed as usual after the win. The players, too, didn’t seem too high after a fairly convincing performance.

Lynch called it his team’s best game of the year because it played a full 60 minutes.

“I really thought they bounced back after the loss last weekend and had a really good week of practice, came over here determined to play better and I think we did that in all phases of the game,” Lynch said.

The win was only Indiana’s second against a Big Ten team on the road since the 2001 season.

We’re now back at the hotel watching the Minnesota-Ohio St. game (the Buckeyes are ahead 23-7 at the start of the fourth quarer) to see what Indiana will have to deal with next weekend. Minnesota obviously hasn’t been great this season, but nobody thought the Gophers would be that tough last year, either. New coach Tim Brewster has made significant changes on both sides of the ball, and I think it’s pretty obvious that the players are still adjusting.

Indiana needs just two more wins to become bowl eligible. That’s certainly an achievable goal, but the Big Ten has been so strange this year. It will certainly be a fun season to follow as a fan.



  • Hardy’s got big numbers again against Iowa, but Andrew Means has made some very important catches.
  • We’re getting ready to head down to the locker room. We’ll be back with you once we’ve heard from Bill Lynch and his team.


Huge 3rd down conversion as Hardy hurts Iowa for the first time since the first half.



And now, Iowa gets another shot. It better score quickly if it hopes to have any chance.

  • The Hawkeyes pull within 11 as Christensen connects with Johnson-Koulianos for a touchdown. That kid is going to be a solid player in this league. Which makes me feel bad for the Iowa beat writers, because his name is difficult to type.



  • Drive details: 4 plays, 5 yards, 1:04

Indiana starts at the Iowa 33.

  • First two plays are hand offs to Thigpen. That leaves a 3rd and 5, and Iowa blitzes almost everybody. Lewis has to throw the ball away.
  • Austin Starr in for a 46-yard attempt, and he hits it.


Iowa gets the ball at its 23.

  • Christensen drops to throw on first down, and his pass bounces short of two playes.
  • On 3rd and 8, Christensen finally finds a receiver. His name is Leslie Majors, and he plays for the Hoosiers.



  • Drive details: 11 plays, 75 yards, 5:05

Indiana starts at its 25.

  • Iowa defensive end Mitch King gets the crowd into the game, waving his arms cause a roar to rise.
  • Indiana WR Andrew Means takes it back out. He grabs a high Lewis pass and hauls it in.
  • Then Josiah Sears takes a screen pass and hops over two defenders to to gain 13 yards. He weighs 245 pounds.
  • After a Thigpen run, Lewis goes back to the same Sears screen play and the big back gets the first down.
  • Now Payton on a stretch play right and he has nowhere to run. He gains 1 yard.
  • Now 3rd and 5 from the 27 and . . . Hardy lets a catchable pass slip through his hands.
  • And the Hoosiers line up to go for it. But Iowa takes a time out.
  • OK, let’s try it again. The crowd is very loud. We have thick windows in front of us and can hear them pretty clearly. Lewis has his guys in a five wide, and he’s taking the time to talk to the o-line to be sure they know the count.
  • Brandon Walker-Roby makes an appearance. He runs up and out and Lewis finds him for a gain of 24.
  • Now from the 3-yard line, Indiana lines Payton up as the lone back and he gets a yard.
  • Hardy fights through a hold and it gets called. Indiana now has four downs to go one yard.
  • Sears gains nothing on first down.
  • But he cuts left and gets in on second down.



  • Drive details: 10 plays, 65 yards, 3:43

Iowa takes over. And scores.

  • Success running again. Then on first down, Iowa insists on throwing and Christensen throws it wildly wide.
  • But then Sims picks his way through the line for a first down.
  • Iowa marching. This time a play action bootleg culminates in a diving catch by James Cleveland.
  • And the Indiana defense makes its stand, forcing Iowa into a 3rd and 4 from the 10. And Christensen badly misses a wide open tight end. Yuck.
  • Iowa will go for it and . . . Christensen redeems himself, rolling right after the snap only to turn the other way and find Myers, the guy he just missed, all the way on the other side of the field. Myers makes the grab and fights through a tackle before stretching the ball into the end zone. The touchdown call was reviewed, but stood.
  • The Hawkeyes miss the extra point, meaning they’ve now left seven points on the field.


Indiana takes over at the Iowa 47. The chance is squandered when Marcus Thigpen fumbles.

  • Lewis threw to a tight end! I told you this day would keep getting stranger.
  • Nice play call. Sears squirts out through the line and Lewis pops right to him. Sears fumbles a lot though.
  • Speaking of fumbles, there’s Marcus Thigpen fumbling. And Iowa recovering.


Iowa goes nowhere. Indiana’s defensive line has been able to get to Christensen.


Indiana opens the half with the ball at the 45, thanks to a celebration penalty on the touchdown that ended the half.

  • Two handoffs to Thigpen to open. Same plays the Hoosiers used to open their first drive.
  • Option on 3rd and 2, and Thigpen goes out of bounds without getting to the mark.
  • On 4th and 1, Indiana punts. Hines’ punt hits Porter 28-yards down field.



Ok. I’ve taken a few minutes to clear my head.

It didn’t work.

It’s still foggy up there.

Anybody got any cogent thoughts on that first half? If so, share.



  • Drive details: 6 plays, 52 yards, 50 seconds

Iowa gets one last chance to score before the half ends.

  • Christensen starts looking for Johnson-Koulianos, the freshman who made that one-handed grab against Wisconsin last weekend.
  • Christensen fails to get rid of the ball and is sacked with five seconds left.
  • I’m flabbergasted right now, and waiting to see what will happen next. I’m assuming an alien will soon land on the field and whisk me away to a blind date with Jessica Simpson. Indiana had five defenders under the ball and it bounced, perfectly, off the top and into the waiting hands of Trey Stross.


  • Iowa opts for 3rd and 10 instead of taking one of the penalties. Obviously, Ferentz wants the ball back with some time to do something with it.
  • The decision seems wise, until Iowa fumbles the punt.
  • Which doesn’t end up hurting the Hawkeyes because Indiana lined up with six guys on the line. How does that happen?


Iowa starts at the 40. The power running game carries the Hawkeyes into the red zone, but a chip-shot field goal gets flubbed.

  • Lewis was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the flip, forcing Starr to kick from the 15-yard-line.
  • Iowa now just grinding it out, with a couple of runs up the middle.
  • Christensen drops to throw and is dropped by Keith Burrus.
  • Ferentz opts to go for it on 4th and 2 from the 26 and . . . Christensen rolls right and looks like he’ll have it easily. But Austin Thomas explodes into him and stops him. The measurement shows that the nose of the football is a few inches past the mark.
  • Indiana’s safeties are getting in on the run well. They’ve been finding gaps to plug. They look quick.
  • But still, Indiana’s not shutting down the run.
  • That’s OK, because Iowa insists on trying to throw, and Christensen just isn’t hitting receivers.
  • Polk blows up that well-timed delay up the middle and holds Sims to 3 yards.
  • Now a bubble screen is dropped.
  • And the field goal is missed.
  • Iowa is imploding.



  • Drive details: 3 plays, 80 yards, 1:08

Indiana starts at its 20 after the punt goes out of the end zone. The drive ends only a few plays later with a strange series of events hushes the fans here.

  • Payton in as the running back to start the series. Gains one on first down.
  • I have no idea what just happened, other than Kellen Lewis flipped into the end zone.
  • Now Iowa is challenging that there was a fumble.
  • Play stands as is.


Iowa takes over after another strong return by Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, but can’t drive. The Hawkeyes are quickly losing their fans.

  • Porter had that awful game against Akron. He’s been nearly flawless since. He gets the sack there.



  • Drive details: 8 plays, 84 yards, 3:17

Hoosiers start at their 16 and march 84 yards. They’ve come to play today.

  • By the way, Iowa has been without its best linebacker, Mike Klinkenborg, so far.
  • Indiana moves backwards on first, opting to try a stretch run to Thigpen.
  • Lewis tucks and gains 10.
  • Third and one. What do the Hoosiers do? Thigpen squirts up the middle and gets the first down.
  • Could Lewis have thrown that ball any better? Probably not. The plays goes for 48 yards.
  • Another third and one. This time, Lewis keeps on an option left and gets the first down.
  • First and goal at the four. Nice call on first down, as Lewis rolls right and finds Ray Fisher in the flat for the score.


Iowa hurts itself with a late hit penalty and starts behind its own 20.

  • Whatever happened to those disciplined, proficient teams Kirk Ferentz was once known for? This team is finding ways to lose.
  • First really strong throw from Christensen on that 18-yard gain. Good play call, too. The wide out on the left side of the field ran a fly up the sideline, clearing out space for the throw.
  • Huge third down early in this game. Iowa needs four for a first and opts for a Christensen draw. He comes up a yard short.


INDIANA 7, IOWA 0 (3:19 left in the first quarter)

  • 3 plays, 28 yards, 1:34

Indiana takes control and gets on the scoreboard.

  • How long have IU fans been waiting for that? Run Hardy out there, have him cut inside a corner and make a catch.


Iowa’s pushed back to the 2-yard-line due to an illegal block. It can’t move the ball much out from there.

  • Christensen looks so uncomfortable back there, and then the coaches have the lefty roll right. It doesn’t make much sense from up here.


Indiana takes over after Iowa fumbles the punt. But Kellen Lewis throws an interception.

  • What hustle by Porter. He misses the tackle but gets back into the play and ends up hopping on the football after Will Patterson pops it out.
  • This is the type of game-swaying sequence Indiana needed early. They’ve got to punch it into the end zone for it to have full effect.
  • Hardy here? First and goal at the five. Gotta go his way once, right?
  • Illegal shift on that, and fairly blatant. Why all the fancy stuff? Give it to Lewis and let him chuck hit.
  • And that’s about the worse thing that could have happened. They let Lewis chuck it and he tries to force it across his body. Interception.


Indiana takes over but can’t get moving.

  • Iowa’s guys are getting their arms up on every pass play. Wonder if that was in the scouting report.


Iowa gets good field position again, starting at the 50. A missed field goal ends the drive.

  • Jammie Kirlew gets to Christensen after the sophomore quarterback gets antsy and tries to scramble.
  • Young up the middle. Why call anything else? There’s room there.
  • Cleveland fell down on that route, but kept after it and made a good grab.
  • Christensen isn’t at a stage in his career when he’s going to go through many reads. He’s been locked on Cleveland twice, and threw to him both times.
  • Plenty of distance on the Austin Signor kick, but it drifts.


Indiana starts on its own 12 but moves only four yards.

  • Uggh. Thigpen up the middle. Really?
  • Wait, wait, wait. That’s the call on second down, too? Well, so far: two plays, four yards.
  • Obviously, Matt Canada wants to keep Iowa honest by running the ball early.
  • Lewis threw that right at King. He’s had a little trouble recently with seeing defenders underneath.
  • Lousy punt. 34 yards.


A strong return gives Iowa good starting field position, but Indiana forces a three and out.

  • Tracy Porter saved Indiana from starting this game down 7-0 with good kick coverage.
  • Hey, first play. Up the middle. Think Indiana will see plenty of that.
  • Middleton’s sixth sack. Guy’s a beast.


Austin Starr’s lined up to kick, and I’m lined up to blog.


  1. Where are all the doubters at now? IU leaves 21-28 points on the field against the Illini, who by the way beat Penn State today. Go to Iowa and hand it to them. Time for the Hoosier faithful to pack the Rock against Minnesota. How big could the momentum be going to Wisconsin at 5-1???


  2. I appreciate your coverage of the IU games in this format, I really do. But, I wish you would refrain from the snide editorializing. It isn’t funny and we get enough of that lame stuff from the fair weather Indiana fans. Thanks

  3. Bob,

    I’ll try to be less snide next week.

    But, in my own defense, I am the columnist and it’s technically my job to editorialize. I won’t stop doing that. But I’ll try to improve.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Wow! I am so impressed! I guess Illinois Is a lot better than I thought! I may just drive up from S. Carolina next weekend… Go Hoosiers!!!

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