Indiana vs. Commonwealth Bank club team, live updates

Final score: Indiana 115, Commonwealth Bank Giants 63

D.J. White leads the team with 22 points in just 14 minutes. Had no trouble scoring, as Commonwealth was quick but not tall. White hit 10-of-14 shots and grabbed nine rebounds.

Jamarcus Ellis continues to become a Kelvin Sampson favorite. The guard from Chicago led the team with 10 rebounds, 10 assists, was tied for the lead with six steals and also had eight points.

“He gets a triple-double if I play him a few more minutes,” Sampson said after the game.

Armon Bassett hit 3-of-7 3-pointers and finished with 19 points.

Eric Gordon played 32 minutes and took only 13 shots, ten fewer than he took in each of the previous two games. His touch was off; he hit just 6-of-13. So — and here’s the beauty of Gordon’s game — he got to the line 10 times (hitting 7-of-10) and also had eight assists. He also had six steals.

Kyle Taber continues to be a rebounding beast. Grabbed four offensive and six defensive boards Sunday.


3:30, fourth quarter: Indiana 108, Commonwealth 58

High pace to this game. Probably fun to play in. Not exactly what Sampson had in mind as far as the way his team is supposed to play defensively but he’s got to be happy about the fact that Commonwealth at least pushed back a bit.


8:00, fourth quarter: Indiana 99, Commonwealth 51

Gordon practices and plays as hard as anybody the Hoosiers’ have got. The thing that sticks out about him after three straight days of seeing him live is his body control. He seems to have an uncanny ability to make his arms and legs work in whatever way he chooses. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all. It’s difficult to explain, I guess. But Gordon is just a machine. He rarely every looks awkward on the floor.

Sampson has played him a ton this weekend, and Gordon is getting a lot of action today, too. My guess is that Sampson really wants to have him on tape to see what his flaws are so he can work them out and also design the offense, in part, around Gordon.


End of third quarter: Indiana 90, Commonwealth 47

Well, Commonwealth has already given the Hoosiers more of a game than the other two teams. I think at this point Sampson would be happy just to walk off the court and onto an airplane and get out of here with everyone healthy. But heck, let’s play 10 more minutes.


5:00 left, third quarter: Indiana 71, Commonwealth 34

D.J. White just got shoved by a Commonwealth player – guy was about 5-4 – and both players were given technical fouls. I’m not sure what the root of all this is but it seems like the officials think the Hoosiers are playing with a little bit too much of an edge.

In other news, it is raining very hard here.


End of first half: Indiana 57, Commonwealth 26

This games being called very closely on the Hoosiers, who sent Commonwealth into bonus early in the second quarter. There’s been more booing of the refs and a few calls that caused members of Indiana’s coaching staff to shoot up out the chairs they were sitting in.

Not that any of it matters all that much. As you can tell by the score.


4:00, second quarter: Indiana 40, Commonwealth 24

Look out. With an influx of late talent, Commonwealth has been able to keep up with the Hoosiers. Relatively speaking.

Maybe that was the plan all along. Lull the Hoosiers into a false sense of superiority.

Or maybe the late Commonwealth guys had church.

Or hangovers.


7:30, second quarter: Indiana 35, Commonwealth 15

Senior guard A.J. Ratliff isn’t here. But his practice jersey is.

And now Lance Stemler is wearing it.

Ratliff, of course, is back home in Bloomington because he’s been declared academically ineligible for the first semester. Eli Holman, the freshman from Richmond, Calif., is also not on the trip because he has not passed through the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.

Stemler’s jersey must be ripped or have blood on it, because he just came onto the court wearing A.J.’s No. 20 instead of his usual No. 22.

After having surgery to fix an ankle injury that plagued him all last season, Stemler looks much more comfortable on the court. His 3-point shot is falling in warm-ups and practices but his touch is still a bit off on the floor. It will be interesting to see where Sampson slots him into the offense should Stemler begin hitting 3s at the same rate he did early last year.


End of first quarter: Indiana 31, Commonwealth 13

How do you know you’re an Indiana basketball fan?

Your team is in the Bahamas, playing against 10 guys representing a bank, half of whom showed up after the tip, the Hoosiers are winning 31-13 after 10 minutes and you, you’re heckling the ref about a non-call.

Also, you own red and white striped pants. And you wear them in public. Proudly.


6:00, first quarter: Indiana 22, Commonwealth 4

Looks like Jamarcus Ellis is playing point guard right now, although that position isn’t all that pivotal since Indiana is creating most of its points off turnovers and quick transition.

D.J. White is much quicker now that he has shed 15 pounds. He’s driving the lane a lot here and is playing above the rim more often. It’s hard to say how much of that is because he’s a senior playing only a few minutes each game in contests that are, for the most part, just for fun. During Big Ten games, White will probably still be anchored near the paint a bit more as Indiana is forced to run a half court offense more often. It’s fun to watch White have a little chance to freelance, though.


8:41, first quarter: Indiana 4, Commonwealth Bank 2

Clearly, Kelvin Sampson views these games as a teaching opportunity. And so he wants to be able to hop onto the court whenever he feels the need to teach.

He tried to do that just now, and the referees wouldn’t give him a timeout. Then the players tried calling time and the refs wouldn’t allow that either. Eric Gordon thought he had called timeout and started walking backing to the huddle. He was called for travelling.

This isn’t the first time the Hoosiers have been disobeyed the refs. On several occasions they’ve stayed in their on-court huddle — you remember it from last year — too long, and the refs had to blow their whistles. Once, they even started the game without the Hoosiers.

But all the Hoosiers are here for is to improve in any small way they can.

Commonwealth might be the most overmatched team to faced Indiana yet. And the Hoosiers have won both of their previous games by 60 points.


Same starting lineup for the Hoosiers today: D.J. White, Lance Stemler, Jamarcus Ellis, Eric Gordon and Armon Bassett take the floor for the tip against Commonwealth Bank.


  1. Extremely sorry to hear about the rain there….Really….It’s delightfully sunny and 81 in B-town on a Sunday smoother than a Gordon pull-up.

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