Indiana vs. Guatemala, live updates

Final: Indiana 103, Guatemala 41

Gordon again leads the way with 33. Armon Bassett (15), D.J. White (13) and DeAndre Thomas (12) also scored in double digits.

White played only 14 minutes and also grabbed six rebounds. DeAndre Thomas was 6-for-6.

Jamarcus Ellis calmed down a bit today and had nine assists, four rebounds, two steals and seven points.

I’ll get back to you with more ASAP.

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5:30 third quarter: Indiana 71, Guatemala 25

The drubbing has continued.

Ellis will benefit from having a full month of practice with Sampson. His only problem now is that what makes him so good also gets him into trouble. His play boarders, usually, on reckless. He’s getting into everything on defense and trying to make big plays.

On offense, he’s very good with the ball and gets to the lane. But he often forces a shot or a pass and ends up turning it over. He had eight turnovers Friday night.

Sampson will trade his creativity for a few turnovers each game, I think. But he’ll also work to polish Ellis’ play and help him figure out when he should keep it simple and when he should attempt to make something happen.


End of first half: Indiana 57, Guatemala 17

Indiana’s not having much trouble at all here today. I’m not sure what there is to analyze or speculate about after that first half. It was dominant in every way.


3:00, second quarter: Indiana 48, Guatemala 9

Bassett just pulled up and sank a 3-pointer. As he back down the court he looked at the ref, who wasn’t doing anything. So Bassett reminded him to throw up his hands in the field goal motion, and the ref did so.

Brandon McGee is a kid who needs time to adjust. He wasn’t much of a factor last night and today was a little lost early. He let a catchable pass slip through his hands and was hesitant on defense.

But now that he’s spent a few minutes figuring out the game he’s up to pace and making an impact. He just jumped in front of a pass to tip it away, then out-hustled two players down the court to retrieve it just before it went out of bounds.


5:00, second quarter: Indiana 41, Guatemala 7

DeAndre Thomas just found himself with the ball to the right of the basket, about ten feet out. His teammates were screaming about the shot clock winding down (remember, only one side of the court has a working clock, although today it is, inexplicably, the opposite side). DeAndre calmly took the shot, banking it in.

Guatemala, meanwhile, has gone on a scoring rampage. At least by the previous standard set in this game. I think they came out with a plan to try to work around Indiana’s defensive pressure. They’ve given that up and are charging right to the net.


7:49, second quarter: Indiana 33, Guatemala 3

The Guatemalans get their first field goal off a break down the right side and a lay in.


8:00, second quarter: Indiana 33, Guatemala 1

Indiana forced another shot clock violation – its second – and as fate would have it a Guatemalan player got off a shot just after the buzzer.

It went in.

End of first quarter: Indiana 28, Guatemala 1

Indiana has shut the Guatemalans out from the floor here in the first quarter. In the last minute the Guatemalans worked hard to get a great shot but couldn’t find any room. DeAndre Thomas, all 300 pounds of him, was out denying on the perimeter.

Ellis continues to be everywhere. If this gym had two courts he’d find a way to be a part of both games going on.


3:30 first quarter: Indiana 19, Guatemala 1

So the Guatemalans get a point off a free throw. There seems to be a chance that they’ll be shut out entirely from the floor. For the first quarter, at least.

Indiana continues to be relentless in pushing the ball up the floor. DeAndre Thomas has rebounded well and is a very capable outlet passer.

Ellis is back with just a small bandage over his eye.


5:00 first quarter: Indiana 15, Guatemala 0

Stemler has knocked down a 3 and D.J. White made use of his jump shot to get another basket.

Jamarcus Ellis hit his head on a Guatemalan player while trying to go for a swipe and cut his eye. Doesn’t look to be too serious.


7:00 first quarter: Indiana 6, Guatemala 0

Gordon just used his mid-range game to get open for a kiss-off-the-glass shot from the left corner. He’s really worked on that part of his game and it is showing here.

Guatemala doesn’t have any clue what to do against Indiana’s defense, but it has stopped the Hoosiers from rebounding as well as Sampson wants them too. He’s reminded them a few times to get into the paint.

Same starting lineup as last night for the Hoosiers: D.J. White, Lance Stemler, Jamarcus Ellis, Eric Gordon and Armon Bassett.

There was some concern that Stemler had tweaked an ankle last night but he appears to be OK.

Guetemala should present more of a problem for Indiana because they’ve got more size. And they’re taking this game quite seriously: they stayed last night to study the Hoosiers.