Final score: Indiana 55 – Indiana State 7

It’s all second-stringers in now for the Hoosier D. Attendance was just announced at 34,715. I won’t have many more updates during the game because I need to work on getting my story done for tomorrow’s paper in less than an hour. Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by. I will post a final score.
After a fumble on the kickoff by ISU’s English-Malone – who has also been burnt on two long TD passes and was drilled by Porter on a previous punt return – Ben Chappell got his first college playing time. IU had to settle for a field goal that made it 48-7, the most points IU has scored since putting up 56 against Northwestern in 2001.

Here’s quite a note – IU’s Nick Sexton just made a 13-yard reception that was IU’s first completion to a tight end SINCE 2005. IU scored shortly after on a Lewis run to go ahead 45-7 with 4:44 left in the third quarter.
Indiana fans just got a scare with sophomore left tackle Rodger Saffold down on the field for at least a couple of minutes as trainers attended to him. But Saffold popped up and jogged to the sideline looking like nothing serious was wrong with him. I think it’s all just part of the conspiracy to keep us all here past midnight in this slow-moving game. Attention H-T editors: we’ve got deadline problems.
This one is officially under control for IU. It took the Hoosiers barely two minutes into the second half for Lewis to scamper into the end zone after a long kickoff return in which it looked like Thipgen pitched the ball to Leslie Majors, but it was hard to tell from the press box angle and distance. Anybody who has DirecTV and the BTN able to help me with what happened on that play?
Some halftime thoughts – Indiana’s defense is doing a better job of tackling than we saw last year. How much of that’s because the opponent is a I-AA team that went 1-10 last year remains to be seen. But IU held ISU to less than three yards a play in the first half (40 plays, 114 yards). That’s pretty good. The Hoosier defense looked faster late in the half in putting pressure on ISU quarterback Reilly Murphy, who’s not a bad player at all.

On offense, I don’t remember the last time IU went after the deep ball so often in the first half or the last time the Hoosiers scored 31 points before halftime. Kellen Lewis is 10-of-17 for 244 yards and Hardy had a monster half with three catches for 153 yards and two touchdowns. The down side is that IU has rushed for just 44 yards and Lewis had 32 of those. IU’s running backs have 10 carries for 12 yards.
Indiana should have this game put away after scoring with 14 seconds left in the half. Josiah Sears just ran in standing up from the 2, after a pass interference call on ISU’s Chris Mobley, trying to defend Hardy in the end zone, put the Hoosiers on the 2. 31-7 heading into halftime.
IU got the ball in great field position after a terrible ISU punt out of bounds, but the Hoosier offense was able only to gain one yard so IU settled for an Austin Starr field goal. 24-7 IU with 4:34 left in the half.
The promotion to give tickets to IU freshmen seems to have had an impact. There’s a really good student crowd at this game and the overall crowd looks maybe a little better than the low 30,000s estimate I was given yesterday.
Momentum back to the Hoosiers. ISU’s English-Malone is burned for the third time as Hardy reaches over him for a 79-yard TD pass. 21-7 Hoosiers. Hardy has three catches for 153 yards.
As the first quarter ends, the momentum in this game has shifted. ISU is the team moving the ball now. The Sycamores started their current drive on their 12, but have quickly moved out to the 38 as the quarter break arrived.
A penalty on Hardy for excessive celebration in the end zone helps set up ISU’s first score as the Sycamores get great field position because of the penalty. ISU’s drive has a lucky finish with the QB Murphy fumbling and a Sycamore recovering in the end zone. But that doesn’t change the fact that the ISU offense is looking pretty decent against IU’s defense, except for three first-quarter false start penalties.
James Hardy just got way behind ISU cornerback Warren English-Malone for a 58-yard touchdown strike on the first play of IU’s second possession. 14-0. 7:26 left first quarter. ISU needs to do something this possession or the rout may be on.
The Hoosiers still looked like they can’t run the ball on their first possession, but nonetheless they put together a 7-play, 73-yard touchdown drive behind the playmaking of Kellen Lewis. On the final play, Lewis threw a screen to Marcus Thigpen who scurried 23 yards for the score. 7-0.
Indiana looked pretty shaky on defense the first couple of plays as ISU picked up a quick first down, but then with ISU getting two false start penalties, the Hoosiers made a couple of stops and then a big sack by Will Patterson on third and long.
Three minutes to kickoff – here’s one personnel update, Demetrius McCray will miss the game with a shoulder injury. With IU’s depth at running back, I don’t think that’s much of an issue.


  1. “A penalty on Hardy for excessive celebration in the end zone”

    The official that called this should be removed from ever calling another Big Ten game. There was no excessive celebration. Hardy crossed the line, took a knee, bowed his head in a short prayer, then held the ball pointing to the sky, as a tribute to Hep. A fitting end to the play, but not excessive, nor unsportsmanlike conduct. The head official should be ashamed!

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