Inside IU Football with Bill Lynch

I’ll be at Coaches Bar & Grill tonight to cover Bill Lynch’s radio show from 7-8. Hopefully Lynch won’t look as disappointed as Kelvin Sampson did the first time I showed up at his radio show. “I was going to tell you a bunch of good stuff until Doug got here,” Sampson told the crowd at Yogi’s when he saw me.

I’ll tell the readers at The Hoosier Scoop a secret if you promise not to share it with Kelvin — I have a radio at home and I sometimes use it to listen to his show without actually attending it.

In Bloomington and surrounding areas, you can catch Lynch’s show at on WHCC FM at 105.1. If you want to call in a question, the number is 1-800-500-9422.

To listen to the show online, you can connect with WIBC by clicking here.