Lynch Show: It’s Monday night and I’m back at Coaches B&G

OK, here’s a little post-show fact checking. Iowa may have a strong running game and a good offense, but that’s not what the stats say so far. The Hawkeyes rank 10th in the Big Ten in rushing offense, 11th in passing offense and eighth in scoring offense. Not exactly a juggernaut so far. But stats can lie. We’ll see Saturday.
It’s a wrap. Lynch just said that he has confidence in what IU is doing offensively and the Hoosiers are going to stick with it and keep getting better. He said the key to playing offense is to play fast and confident, and the way to do that is to have consistency in the things you do offensively so you keep getting better at them.

McClurg said Iowa has two good running backs and a good offensive line.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but I think we’re up to it,” he said.
It’s comedy hour here in the segment with the linebackers answering questions. After McClurg talked about a college career in which he’s had five or six surgeries, Fischer asked Johnson if he has any aspirations to play middle linebacker during his career.

Johnson said he’s not anxious to relive McClurg’s injuries, so he’s happy to stay on the outside.

“I look at him and the way he walks around now,” Johnson said.

McClurg said he tries to work with his backup at MLB, Matt Mayberry, and not only on the physical aspects of playing the position.

“I’m trying to teach him the mental part,” McClurg said with a grin. “He’s not the smartest kid around.”

Lynch said he watched every snap of the Iowa-Wisconsin game on TV, which he called a really hard-nosed Big Ten football game.

Iowa has a more traditional power running game, Lynch said, than the spread offenses the Hoosiers have seen the past couple of weeks.

He said he doesn’t think IU’s win over the No. 15 Hawkeyes last year will have any bearing on this year’s game because he doesn’t believe last year’s game impact this year’s.

“I believe that what happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday determines what happens on Saturday,” Lynch said. “And what they do.”

The show is underway. The take from Don Fisher and from Lynch is that the good news from Saturday’s game is that the mistakes the Hoosiers made can be fixed. Lynch said that after reviewing film of the game all the deficiencies he saw in IU’s play are correctable.

“Offensively, we moved the ball, we just broke down in critical situations,” Lynch said. “That’s when you have a problem, when you watch and see things you don’t have an answer to,” he said.

Indiana didn’t do enough on offense or defense early in the game, Lynch said, to put pressure on Illinois or take the Illini out of what they wanted to do — run the ball.

But Lynch said he did like what he saw of the Hoosier defense in the second half. He said the IU defensive coaches and the defense did a good job of making adjustments to an Illinois option game that was different than what the players had seen in other games.
Tonight’s guests along with coach Lynch are a pair of linebackers, Adam McClurg and Geno Johnson.
The Lynch radio show is almost ready to begin and there’s a full house in the back room at Coaches Bar and Grill in downtown Bloomington. The talk here is about the disappointment from the Illinois loss and how this week’s opponent, Iowa, looked tough at Wisconsin Saturday.