Live at Memorial Stadium

Chris may be in the Bahamas, but I can’t imagine the weather there has a thing on what we’re experiencing in Bloomington today. It’s about 5:30 and I’m in the tailgate area near 17th and Dunn and there are lots of people here, enjoying food, drinks and a sunny moderate afternoon that actually feels like football weather.

I’m visiting the first tailgate party at Chuck Jean’s new bus, a retired IU bus that now has a replica of “The Rock” perched atop it. There are ribs, hot dogs, a potato casserole, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, spinach dip and on and on to eat. They’ve got a pony keg and five coolers full of other beers. These people aren’t fooling around.

The first Walk to the Rock without Terry Hoeppner will be starting soon. I’ll be back with a report on that.