Live from Coaches Bar & Grill

Close to the end of the show, Wyss also talked about the Western Michigan goal line stand. He said that the coaches calling the QB sneak three straight times showed confidence in the offense, which should have scored but didn’t.

“The blame is on us, not on them,” Wyss said. “The thing we need to learn to do is finish.”


A caller just asked Lynch about running Kellen Lewis three straight times from the one unsuccessfully. The caller wanted to know if Lynch had thought about trying a different play.

“I’ve thought about it a whole lot since we didn’t get it in., I guarantee that to you,” Lynch said. “It was one of those deals where I probably got a little stubborn.”


Charlie Emerson and Jonathan Sandberg are sitting at the table behind me. Here to bust Ben Wyss’ chops, I think. A caller just asked Wyss about being a pig farmer growing up. Emerson and Sandberg are loving it. I think I’m going to test their protection skills and swipe the nachos off their table in a minute. Hey, I was a college athlete – in cross country – I think I can take them.


Lynch just talked about the Western Michigan comeback during the second half. He said playing football on the road is full of peaks and valleys and IU’s valley came in the second half, but he was still pleased with the overall performance. The biggest mistake the Hoosiers made, Lynch said, was allowing a Western Michigan kickoff return for a touchdown that helped the Broncos get back into the game.

Lynch said he thought Indiana’s defense played well throughout the game against a good Western Michigan offense. He said the area where the Hoosiers need to make the most improvement is in making fewer penalties.


Hey Julie, Jane Hoeppner just walked in.

When I get home from an IU football game or practice, my girlfriend Julie, who met Jane Hoeppner in Chicago once, always asks me if Jane was there.

We’ve seen a lot of Jane at various football events this year and she always so upbeat. Yes, Julie, Jane is here.

UPDATE: After the show, offensive lineman Charlie Emerson walked over to Jane and gave her a big hug.


Bill Lynch has just entered Coaches’ Bar and Grill to applause from perhaps 50 Hoosier fans who are seated in the area from where his show will be broadcast every Monday night this fall. It’s red and white with IU stuff everywhere you look here at Coaches, so it’s a good spot for the show.

Defensive end Brian Faires and center Ben Wyss are here also to be part of the show.