Live from the Lynch show

Lynch closed the show by encouraging fans to come out for Saturday’s Big Ten opener against Illinois.

“I hope everyone comes to the Rock and cheers on the Hoosiers because it’s a big game for us and I think we’re going to put on a pretty good show,” he said.


Hoosier Scoop update (People Magazine edition): Apparently Tim Bugg has been connected with former IU women’s soccer player Carrie DeFreece. The couple is planning a wedding at an unspecified date.


IU should be at full strength this Saturday against Illinois, Lynch said. Offensive lineman Charlie Emerson didn’t play Saturday after suffering a head injury the previous week, but could have.

Emerson is expected back this week and the Hoosiers didn’t experience any new injuries Saturday. Redshirt freshman Mike Stark filled Emerson’s spot.

“Mike Stark got a chance to play and he played very well,” Lynch said.


Lynch said at the start of the program that he thinks his team has taken care of business prior to this week’s start of the Big Ten schedule. “They’ve done a great job of taking it one day at a time.”

He said the Hoosiers didn’t play as well as they need to in the second quarter of Saturday’s 41-24 win, but came back and played well in the second half.

Kellen Lewis found success in running the ball, Lynch said, on some plays when IU’s receivers were covered because Akron was dropping eight players into coverage but had only three players rushing Lewis.

“He can do so many things,” Lynch said. “If he can get one on one out in space, he’s going to be a tough guy to bring down.”

Defensively, playing 10 or 11 guys on the defensive line this year is not only keeping the linemen fresh, but is creating more competition for playing time.

“When they are in, all 10 of them are playing like their hair is on fire,” Lynch said. “They are getting after that quarterback.”


I’m hanging out again this week at the Bill Lynch radio show at Coaches Bar and Grill in downtown Bloomington. The players guests tonight are long snapper Tim Bugg and cornerback Leslie Majors. The show has just started. I’ll be back with highlights as the hour unfolds.


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