Mackey released

We’ve posted an update on

I made it free, so anyone can read it.

The new news, though, is this: Mackey was released this morning, according to a staff member at the Scott County detention center. According to that same staff member, Mackey will get his day in court on Oct. 16, when he’ll have a chance to offer his plea.


  1. Speechless. I’m not rushing to judgement until all the facts of the case are presented. Obviously this is a disappointment with Mackey being such a talented recruit and his being in the running for Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball. You also don’t want to see any young kid with such a clean record put themselves in the type of situation that just unfolded.

    It will be shame if this does in fact lead to the termination Indiana’s relationship with Mackey all together.

    Let’s hope for the best.

    Next steps for Indiana University?

    I’m assuming Mackey would be expelled from the school?

  2. Just such a great kid, like the rest of them …. if fans had any spine, they’d boycott professional and collegiate sports … ah, but what would they do with life?

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