UAB 2, Indiana 1

1:07 left, second half: UAB 2, Indiana 1

Jakovic gets his second of the game, shocking Indiana and the 2,275 fans in attendance.

Once again he got free on a break, and once again Chay Cain played it about as well as a keeper can. But the ball caromed back into play after Cain’s initial sprawling save, and spun right to Jakovic continuing his run. All he had to do was tuck it into the side of the net.



Michael Roach just earned a penalty kick for Indiana, but Billy Weaver’s low shot to the right was knocked away on a brilliant save by Wes Johnson.


With less than 10 minutes left, the game remains knotted at one. Chances have been relatively even for the last 15 minutes.


31:15, second half: UAB 1, Indiana 1

Beautiful, short run by Neil Wilmarth into the box results in a centering pass. Rich Balchan, the freshman making his first start, gets on the end of it and slides the ball past UAB keeper Wes Johnson. It wasn’t clear at first whether the ball had gone in because a UAB player slid along the line and knocked it back out.

But the ruling on the field was that the ball went over the line, and Indiana’s players began to celebrate.


Indiana begins the second half with a flurly of offense, as a Brad Ring shot led to a corner and several chances. Andy Adlard gathered a loose ball on the far side of the net but didn’t shoot right away. UAB’s defense recovered and was able to get there for the block. Then Indiana had chances in the box and just couldn’t get a foot on the ball during a scramble.


HALF: UAB 1, Indiana 0

The Hoosiers lead in shots (7-4) and corners (6-1) and have half as many fouls as the Blazers (4-8). These numbers might appear to mean something. They don’t.

Indiana has had more scoring chances, but UAB had the best scoring chance.


At the 5:00 mark, Daniel Kelly into the game after Balchan hurts his knee making a slide tackle.

Indiana just not generating much offense here. Alexander has had some success working into the box but his shots are getting blocked out high. Wilmarth is an aggressive player and might take a chance on a play or two.

Michael Roach, the freshman from St. Louis, has really been minimized so far on the left side.


Neil Wilmarth in for Bill Weaver. Looks like Wilmarth will press up and Adlard will drop back into a midfield role. Adlard’s got a yellow card, so he’s got to be careful


With 20 minutes left in the first half, Indiana makes two lineup changes. Andy Adlard, the true freshman, steps in at forward and Lee Hagedorn replaces Greg Stevning on the back line.


With 22:00 left in the first half, Indiana has started getting its chances. Eric Alexander had a shot from 18 yards out that was stopped on a diving save. Brad Ring had played a bouncing ball straight through the center of the field to where Kevin Noschang and Alexander were waiting. Noschang stopped it and teed it up for Alexander.

Noschang also plucked a ball out of the air on a centering pass but knocked it high.


33:50: UAB 1, Indiana 0

Greg Stevning got beat down the right side by Dejan Jakovich, who went in all alone from a sharp angle on Chay Cain. He shot high and slipped the shot underneath the bar to give UAB a 1-0 lead.


UAB has dominated the first five minutes of play, despite having a less athletic team. They’re creating long runs on the wing and trying for centering attempts. But the Hoosiers are playing with four on the back line and handling that fairly well.

The fourth back, Kevin Alston, has already taken a run deep into the offensive side of the field, which is what he’ll do. Freitag has resisted using four in the back since the beginning of last year, and he’s probably only comfortable with doing so now because of how dynamic Alston can be.


Starting for the Hoosiers tonight:

Chay Cain

Kevin Alston, Greg Stevning, Ofori Sarkodie, Charley Traylor

Brad Ring

Michael Roach, Rich Balchan, Eric Alexander, Billy Weaver

Kevin Noschag

Good night for soccer here at Bill Armstrong Stadium. Late-arriving crowd is still filing in as we’re seconds away from starting this game.

Indiana hasn’t played at home since Labor Day weekend. I think they’re anxious to play at home.

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  1. I was in the stands at the game. Does anybody know what the Blazers coach did to get ejected? I heard he tipped the bench over, but I wasn’t sure. What was up with that?

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