UPDATE: 12:44 a.m.

Thanks for the questions guys. Good stuff.

I decided to answer them in a podcast, which should be linked to our site sometime early tomorrow morning. It will also be linked off this blog.

Keep ’em coming if you’ve got em.


I’m back at the hotel room now working on a few stories for the web. If you’ve got questions about the games down here or any of Indiana’s players just post them here and I’ll be along in a few to answer them.



  1. First, IU didn’t get to the free throw line much. In fact I believe our opponents shot more free throws than IU. I thought this would turn around this year with the emphasis on taking the opponents off the dribble. Any insights on this Chris?
    Second, it appears that IU made quite a few steals. Were they mostly “picking the pocket” steals –i.e., IU’s man stripping the man he guarded — or steals where another player got in the passing lane and intercepted a pass or some balance in between?
    Three, on the defense did IU pick high — farther from the basket than normal?
    Thanks for the coverage.

  2. Why did Lance shoot so little?
    Was he giving up open shots?

    Thoughts about McGee?
    It is too early to ask this question but will he help
    this year?

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