Tailgates, trivia and your predictions

It’s a beautiful cool morning in Bloomington. We’re busy in the kitchen getting our feast ready for some tailgating. Football season is here.

Starting sometime around 5 p.m. I’ll be out in the parking lots at Memorial Stadium doing the not so painful job of reporting on the tailgate scene. I’ll mainly be hanging out at an old IU bus my friend Chuck has bought to serve as tailgate central.

As I reported in the H-T today, a crowd in the low 30s is expected. With the game starting at 8 p.m., officials expect much of the crowd to arrive early for pregame festivities in the parking lot.

The roughly 5-minute tribute to Terry Hoeppner is scheduled to begin at 7:40 so I’ll be in the stadium by then.

I have some prizes to give away today so I’ll be asking IU football trivia questions here during the day. But here’s the first contest. What are your predictions for today’s score and IU’s record for the year?

I will predict a 45-14 win today and a 7-6 season that has the Hoosiers in their first bowl in 14 years.

So what’s your pick?


  1. I’m going to go with 32-10 for today’s game with the Hoosiers winning, of course! As for the season record- I’m going to have to side with you on this one- hopefully squeaking by with just enough to get to the bowl game and hopefully winning that just for an added bonus!! Should be an exciting season! Love the Hoosier Scoop- keep up the good work guys!!

  2. I’m going with a sqeaker 24-21 Hoosiers winning. I am not sure the will psychologically recover from losing Coach Hep. I will go with 5-7 for the season record. However, I love Hoosier Scoop its the bomb!!

  3. I am going 63-3 IU, and a 9-4 record for the season, a bowl game win as part of that 9-4 and a big I added to the bucket this year!!!

  4. The Sycamores take the Hoosiers in a big upset. Terre Haute parties like Larry Bird is still in school. The Hoosiers subsequently roll off an 11 game win streak and make it to a major bowl.

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