Talk from the coordinators

I talked with offensive coordinator Matt Canada and defensive co-coordinator Joe Palcic today to get their thoughts on the Indiana State performance and the game ahead at Western Michigan. One thing was pretty clear, both Canada and Palcic think WMU has a good team.

Canada said the things that pleased him most about the opener were that when Indiana State challenged IU with tight coverages on the edges early, the Hoosier offense was able to take advantage for big plays and that IU was able to get a running game going later.

The areas where Canada would like to see improvement this week include completing assignments soundly and taking care of the ball.

Palcic was excited that IU’s defense excelled in taking care of its biggest goal for the season – not allowing big plays. In the passing game, IU’s defense defines a big play as a pass of 20 or more yards and the Hoosiers didn’t allow ISU any completions of more than 15 yards.

Palcic said he also noticed, particularly when watching the game on film, that the Hoosier defense looked fast.

“We’ve got some speed out there all over the place,” he said.

In talking about areas where IU can improve this week, Palcic said there were some ISU running plays early where the Hoosiers didn’t react well.

Of course coaches usually tend to talk up the opponent a bit, but even considering that, Canada used quite a list of superlatives in talking about the WMU defense. He said the Broncos led the nation last year in interceptions and sacks (I’ll get back to you on the fact-checking on that one) and their secondary is as good as anybody IU plays.

Palcic said the WMU offense is bigger than that of most MAC teams, talented and unpredictable. He said on one play they may use four TEs and no wide receivers and on the next play employ five wide receivers.

“They got better and better last year,” Palcic said. “They beat Virginia and they should have beaten Florida State.”


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