The Walk to the Rock

A somber, serious Indiana football team just walked through a big crowd of Hoosier fans in this year’s inaugural Walk to the Rock.

I’ve seen games where the players were high-fiving fans on their walk from Assembly Hall to Memorial Stadium. It wasn’t like that today. Tracy Porter, at the front of group of players picked up a young girl and kissed her before the walk began, but other than that it was mostly stern faces as the players trekked through a cheering crowd.

I’m wondering if Porter has a political career in mind. Besides kissing babies, he needs about eight interceptions this year, a couple of punt returns for touchdowns and a bowl trip, and he can make a run for mayor in Bloomington.

Porter, Adam McClurg and Charlie Emerson, three key seniors, were at the front of the pack leading the players into Memorial Stadium for battle. The coaches came at the back of the pack with Bobby Johnson carrying his daughter on his shoulders and George Ricumstrict and Joe Palcic carrying young sons.

I haven’t seen Jane Hoeppner and the rest of the Hoeppner family yet, but we will soon, with the tribute to Terry Hoeppner that’s slated to start at 7:40.

I’m getting something to eat, then heading into the stadium. Here’s a quick tailgating update: apparently Sherry Leal has cleaned out the beef ribs in every grocery store in town and we’re in the process of eating them as her husband Martin heats them up for us on the full-size grill they brought to the party.