1. While I admit Zeller seems like a great and smart kid, I have to disagree that he’s “been a pro” when it comes to his recruiting.

    He admitted that he has his buddies go to message boards to start false rumors so he can get a laugh.

    I haven’t heard of any other recruits doing that and it seems pretty immature.

    It sounds harmless, but some have given examples where this could hurt people down the road, especially other recruits. Things like that can get out of hand.

    I hope we get Zeller. But I wouldn’t call him a “pro” in the recruiting process.

  2. On Zeller’s Facebook.com page — Facebook is an online “social networking” community where friends can interact — supporters of the four schools he is considering often hijack his “wall,” the place where comments are left.

    His “friends” — users of the site request to become each other’s friends and then begin interacting — are mostly people he’s never met who use his page to argue amongst each other or attempt to sway him. (Surely those attempts are futile; he doesn’t even listen to Luke when the Notre Dame talk starts.)

    Zeller gets dozens of friend requests each time he logs on — from all over the country — and approves them all. Who knows what would happen if he accepted one UNC fan but rejected an Indiana student? For one thing, it’d probably be all over the message boards.

    Those, Zeller tries to ignore. He’s got friends who tell him what’s being said about him, but after going through big brother Luke’s recruitment he knows he has little control over what’s being said.

    “There’s definitely some information out there that’s not true,” he said.

    Laffy – Please tell me where Zeller says he has his actual friends go on there and start false rumors? Please highlight it and point it out, I can’t seem to find your BS reference!!!

  3. Not to show disrespect Mike P but he has said that he does ask his friends to do that ( I think it was on the IDs article about him). That being said I don’t think its a big deal. I’m more distrubed of what those fans actually put on his facebook profile to sway him. Leave the kid alone, and let him make his decision under his own terms.

  4. Not that I care, because for one, Facebook is nothing more than out-of-control breeding ground for this type of nonsense, and second, I don’t think Zeller is doing anything out of line, but nonetheless…

    From the horse’s mouth, via the Indy Star:

    Zeller said he does occasionally have fun with the Internet chatter on Web sites geared toward fan bases of specific schools.
    “For the most part, I stay away from it, but when I want to look something up that’s funny, I’ll look. Sometimes I mess with people,” he said. “I know people who have accounts, and I’ll tell them to start rumors.
    “There are so many rumors out there that aren’t true. If it’s going to be a rumor and isn’t going to be true, it might as well be a good one.”

  5. I agree with Jaime. Given how absurd grown adults act about the decisions these kids make, I think it’s oddly appropriate that Zeller is having fun with the process. And he’s hardly the first recruit ever to do it. He’s dealt with the public portion of the recruitment — talking to the media and communicating with coaches — really well.

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