1. Is the Big Ten Network retarded (rhetorical question)? They are televising three games next week, and they all have noon eastern start times. They have been doing this all season. Why don’t they spread the games out for a BTN triple header and let schools other than OSU and PSU host evening games?

  2. I am beginning to really dislike the Big Ten network as well. I am so tired of these 12:00 starts. EVERY dang week? Come on!

  3. does anyone know how espn full court through comcast works? if i pay to get it, will i get the IU basketball games televised by the btn? i’m guessing probably not… screw the btn. what a joke!

  4. Jeff and Scott,

    If the Purdue game ends up as a Noon start time. That will make 6 home games that started at Noon in 7 games this year. If you add up all of our Noon start times (home games) the previous 2 years (2005 & 2006), you only have 6 games out of 13 that started at noon.

    Considering the increase in frequency, the question of if the BTN is driving this is legit.

  5. Hmm, interesting. Thanks Mike.
    You’d think the BTN would maybe spread out the games instead of showing 3 of them at noon each Saturday. Why don’t they do this? I can’t think of a reason.

  6. I can’t figure it out either. When IU played Michigan State, they had a game at noon, then the IU game at 7. From the end of the first game to the IU game was filled with the same Big Ten high lights from the day in a 30 min loop. Why was there not another game starting at 3:30, and the IU/MSU game moved back to 7:30?

    What I have watched of the BTN, it is a joke, the only reason it would be worth a nickle is to watch the IU basketball games this season.

  7. They better be able to spread the basketball games out over the course of a weekend day or weekday night. With plenty of schools in the central time zone this shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll see though…

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