Crowd estimate for Saturday – 35,000

There’s been lots of talk about whether the Hoosiers will draw a crowd of close to 40,000 – or bigger – for Saturday’s game against Minnesota with the possibility of raising their record to 5-1.

The attendance estimate I just received from the IU Athletics Media Relations Department is 35,000.

I’m pretty sure it will be a downer to many of the hard-core Indiana fans and to the Hoosier players if the crowd isn’t any bigger than 35,000 for this game.


  1. As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of IU athletics, and more so of the IU football program. I grew up in the Mallory era, and have suffered through all the years of being the cellar dweller of the Big Ten and the NCAA. This is a year that long time fans, which have never let their loyalty sway, can wear the Cream and Crimson during football season and be proud to do so.

    For fun the last couple weeks I have been giving Doug the “Mike P’review” of the upcoming games. He posted the first one trying to get more discussion about the IU-Iowa game. This week he agreed to post one for the Minnesota game. This is something I hope to be able to continue to do for the remainder of the season, as it is fun and I like the response from it.

    Now, I am reaching out to the IU brethren for the game tomorrow against the Gophers. I would love to see a sell out, and not an Ohio State game sell out where the IU fans are out numbered even when at home. I don’t see the Rock selling out this week, but I believe we can get 40,000 plus there to root on the team. I will give you my Top 5 reasons to Rock the Rock this week.

    5. There is more to football than the tail gate party.

    4. For the glory of ol’ IU

    3. Who knows what magic Kellen Lewis will use this week?

    2. Crowds help win ball games

    And my number one reason to be there:

    1. Coach Hep would want you there!

    This week’s game marks the half way point in the season. With this win, they will be one game away from being bowl eligible. There is about 16,000 seats left for the band wagon jumpers, get on now while you still can!


  2. I have to agree…get yourselves and anyone you can drag along to the game. I will always remember the sellout game where we beat Mich St. To crack the top 10 back in ’92 (or ’93?) when some chucked a snowball from the stand and clocked their QB in the helmet and Jim DiGiulio ran a fake punt for a huge gain and a first down. Those were great crowds and they no doubt helped the team to be one of the best in the country. Get out and support this team in the same way and you never know what they might achieve this year. And you know Hep will be there.

  3. I remember that game. The fake punt was a thing of beauty, and the snow ball came from a few rows behind me.

    That sell out atmosphere, the stadium rocking loud, cheering the guys on every play, IU Football needs that again.

    Go Hoosiers!

  4. Like you, Mike P, I’d love to see 35,000 in the stands (or more) tomorrow afternoon. But, despite this season’s upside, I still feel like Indiana fans are more concentrated on the tailgate. It’s going to take some big wins to get them to Memorial Stadium. Two weeks ago against Illinois, I peered out from the press box about midway through the second quarter and it seemed like the tailgate was as strong as ever.

    But, there is hope. This week on campus, I’ve heard numerous times that students are “actually planning on going to the game,” a once unheard of thought on this campus. We’ll have to wait and see, but I expect a more raucous crowd than Illinois.


  5. Doug, homecoming is in two weeks against Penn State, not this weekend.

    Zak, why the need to take shots at the students? Student section numbers have grown for three straight seaons, and from the mood on campus, I expect a good section tomorrow.

    The real group of people that need to make an effort to increase the crowd numbers….the Indy alumni. Seriously, it is only a one hour drive.

  6. Oh yeah, crowd prediction: 35,844

    Honestly though, I could give a rat’s ass about how big the crowd is, so long as there is reason for the crowd to celebrate.

  7. Zak is right. With almost 40,000 students enrolled at IU Bloomington, there is no reason that the students shouldn’t take up half of what we need to get to 50,000 in attendance.

    The rest have to get out of the tail gate lot and into the game. The crowd is in Bloomington, they just don’t come in to watch the game play.

  8. Oops! Thanks guys, I know that Homecoming is against Penn State but it’s scary sometimes what’ll pop into my head as I type on the blog unedited. Guess I still had homecoming on the brain after last week’s Iowa homecoming. I’m glad to have a legion of online editors out there.

  9. Mike P, why dont you just start your own website? You post on here all the time like you know everything about sports, but most of the time it’s just a bunch of rambling. It’s kinda annoying. I had an RA just like you when I went to IU. Get a job or something! That is all.

  10. Jack, what’s your address? I’ll call the cops to rescue you from the guy holding a gun to your head making you read Mike’s posts.

  11. Tim,

    I didn’t mean to take a shot at the students, but like Mike P. said, it’s ridiculous that on a campus of 38,000 kids we have trouble getting 35,000 for a Big Ten game. Since I am a student, and have seen both sides of it, I still think its ridiculous that the idea of actually going to the game seems ludicrous to the majority of students.

    But for they’re missing out, because this IU team has a great shot to do some big things this year.


  12. Jack,
    I have a very well paying job, if you don’t like my post, skip over them. Since you had nothing to add but a personal shot, my guess is you don’t know enough to even start to combat my postings, if you want to try, any day bub.

    Thanks Laffy! ROFL

  13. Are you crazy, Jack? Mike P does a great job posting on this blog and I appreciate his opinions.


  14. Imagine my surprise upon reading these comments, and the Michigan State game from ’93 came up. Several of my friends and I who never missed a game were of course there. As I remember it was late in the third quarter of a close game and the Sparans called timeout. As QB Miller(Jim or Chris I can’t remember) comes to the sideline he is head to head with Coach George Perles. My best friend since the third grade takes advantage of this oppurtunity and throws a perfect strike…hitting Miller in the helmet, and then in magic bullet fashion, taking out Perles as well. This is no joke, we have been talking about “The toss” ever since and as soon as I saw this posted I called him to let him know that someone else remembered it as well. The greatest part of it all was as the IUPD comes up to find the perpitrator of this horrible deed, the rest of the students start lobbing snowballs all over the place to cover up the crime. If anyone wants to reminensce about this or any other momentous occcasion in IU football history feel free to stop by the Hoosier Boozer Cruiser parked in the alumni lot tomorrow. Sorry to ramble but this is, to us anyway unbelievable. Lets pack The Rock and Play 13.

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