Crowd in high 30s expected for Homecoming

Today’s estimate from the IU athletic media relations department is that attendance for tomorrow’s noon game against Penn State will be in the high 30,000s.

That’s not much of a crowd by Big Ten standards, particularly for a home team that’s 5-2 and 2-2 in Big Ten play going up against a big-name program like Penn State.

But at least it will be quite a few more people than showed up the last time Penn State was in town, 24,092 for a 22-18 Nittany Lion win in 2004, in what turned out to be Gerry DiNardo’s last home game as IU’s coach.

Perhaps a few of you were part of that crowd and recall the goal line stand at the end of that one. For Hoosier fans, watching one futile plunge after another into a Penn State line that wasn’t budging surely provided one of those memorable moments of frustration that sum up what the last decade or so of Indiana football has been like.

Tomorrow — and in four more games after tomorrow (at Wisconsin, Ball State, at Northwestern, Purdue) — the Hoosiers will have their chance to end that long streak of futility with a sixth win that makes them eligible for a bowl game.


  1. I’m sure the the casual fan is thinking, “Penn State! They’re a huge football power! No way IU can beat them, let’s just watch the Big Ten Channel instead.”

  2. Well, It will probably be too painful to watch in person. Penn State is much more talented than MN…

  3. We will just have to see if the Hoosiers actually show up to stop the run.. Geeze, give them the big play if you have to. Just get the ball in Kellen’s hands and not the opposing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string running backs hands…

  4. PSU can be had. Stop or at least contain the run. Get them in 2nd and 3rd down situtations greater than 3 yeards. On third down bring pressure. Their quartback is not as mobile as ours.
    On offense spread the field, utilize swing passes and look for Hardy. Get Thigpen the ball on the wings. Play field position.
    At the end of the day IU can win. Keep your cool and be prepared, which I am sure they will be.

  5. For the record, I will be one of those 15,000 fans left.

    But come on guys, we do not have a chance in hell to win this game.

  6. Sure we do, PSU hasnt won on the road all year, and isnt one of their best backs in a LITTLE legal trouble?

    We just need to get the early lead and make them throw instead of run.

    Go Hoosiers, this one could put us back on the map!

  7. It doesn’t matter that one of their many many backs is in legal trouble. Whoever runs for them today will run for 250+.

    They have the 2nd best defense in the Big 10, which means we will not be scoring much.

    Hope I am wrong, but I highly doubt it.

  8. Mike P,

    You gotta take it easy on Zak. He’s a journalist. It’s not really “his” school anymore. At least not while he’s working in that capacity. I went to Penn State and I’m thankful for the education I got there. But I in no way whatsoever backed the team today. It’s just part of being a journalist.


  9. Boy it’s nice to see the attitude of the basketball “fans” at this school. Some of you just need to stop talking football.

  10. Chris,

    I understand that. However, I feel Zak’s statement was made from a fan and student view than that of a journalist. If he would have made more than a six word sentence, and presented it as most journalist would, then I would not have took the issue with it I did. I enjoy what Zak has wrote for the HT, but I stand by my thought of his post.

    Mike P.

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