1. Is this guy a top-notch recruit….this is a rather for him to pledge to IU being he is only a junior….what do you know about this guy?

  2. Mikey….to answer your question, he’ll most likley be one of the better players to come out of not only the state of Indiana, but in the entire country. Rated a 4 star our of 5 by some scouting programs. In my opinion, a REAL nice get, and he’s going to be REAL GOOD in my opinion.

  3. Mikey,

    Elston’s the type of guys Sampson likes to get at least one of in each class. He’s going to rebound and be conscientious on defense. He’ll hustle. He’ll do whatever he can to help his teammates.

    That’s the scouting report I’ve gotten on him. We’ll certainly try to make it to one or two of his games this season.

    — Chris

  4. I’ve seen Elston play 6 times, beat us once, but I was never impressed. Was shut down by a 6’1 guy 5 of those times and his biggest game was this year with 21 points on a 6’2 guy. He’d be really good at Butler but he’s gonna get eaten alive in the Big 10.

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