Dunk contest

The Main Event.

A.J. Ratliff has won two of these in a row with his ability to hop over a huddle of players and jam.


  • Wow. Jordan Crawford just threw the ball off the scoreboard, allowed it to bounce, caught the ball in midair and completed the jam. That will be tough to beat.
  • Eric Gordon, from the baseline, throws a lob and grabs it before flying under the basket and windmilling on the other side.
  • Brandon McGee off the top of the glass pass to himself.
  • Hey, this contest is already far better than last year.
  • Holman runs the whole length of the court — he’s got such long legs — and leaps up for a jam, putting his hand behind his head. Low scores.
  • Bassett with a two handed jam.
  • Here comes DeAndre Thomas. Off the glass, one handed grab and dunk.

Second attempts now:

  • Crawford: Underneath the leg in midair and throws it down.
  • Gordon: Has a little trouble and can’t get a dunk, even after Sampson gives him an extra try.
  • McGee: Spins in there and jams.
  • Bassett: Can’t complete any of his tries.
  • Thomas: Runs in for a one-handed dunk
  • Holman: Again gets a big running start. With his long wing span, jumps just after the foul line and still sends it home.


  • Crawford: Lobbed the ball to himself, grabbed it in mid-air and happened to jump over the ball rack. I think that’s the contest. All 10s on that.
  • McGee: He also gets over the ball rack, but because he didn’t throw it to himself he gets three 9s.