Former Hoosiers continue to weigh in on Sampson

H-T reporter Lynn Houser had a story in today’s paper with reaction from former IU basketball players to the new sanctions on the basketball program. After the story had already run, Lynn had a couple more former players call him back today with their thoughts. Here’s what Archie Dees and Wayne Radford had to say:

Granted, he made a mistake, but he shouldn’t be ostracized like he is. It’s a ridiculous rule to start with. If they monitored every school, everybody would be in same position Sampson is. Why would Indiana University hire an outside firm to bust your own coach? That’s stupidity. It’s like they wanted to get him in trouble. We are sitting on a hell of basketball team here, and this is not what we needed.

From meeting Kelvin, knowing Kelvin, I just hope that when the dust clears, people will realize a lot of good things have been done with the kids and what we can look forward to. I support him, the things he’s done, the kids he brings in. This happened, yes, but let’s find out the true picture. I just hope more of IU family will continue to support their university through good times and the not-so-good times. Now, everybody is so quick to react.


  1. The NCAA does need to monitor EVERY school, not just Sampson and IU. We need to go tattle on those that tattled on Sampson in the first place. The only reason this has come about is because IU has trustworthy people in their compliance office, unlike other schools. I guarantee you Urban and his staff down in Florida makes about 10,000 too many calls; they just make sure their compliance office is full of boosters…..

  2. Anne, so you are saying it is ok because everyone else is doing it or are you implying that other schools are doing it so we should too? Pathetic.

  3. ICE Miller is loaded with Indiana grads like Gonso and others. Independent investigation? Right. I wonder what they found but did not report? They just served up something that would get IU and Sampson a wristslap.

  4. No, I’m not saying that. Breaking the rules is wrong, but it pisses me off knowing everyone else does the same thing and then all of this comes down on only Kelvin. Let’s be consisted and find out who ALL is doing this, and let the punishment be equal for all of them. So Justamatteroftime, is that understandable to you?

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