Fox Sports says Senderoff will resign

Fox Sports’ college basketball reporter Jeff Goodman is reporting that Rob Senderoff will resign later today. He goes on to call Senderoff the “fall guy.”

Our sources have been saying for several days now that Senderoff was expected to be let go, but that there were still meetings planned that may have prevented that. We still have no confirmation that Senderoff’s “resignation” has been finalized. There was supposed to be discussions between the involved parties this morning, and then possibly the signing of paper work. Senderoff will probably agree not to speak publicly as part of his settlement, as is standard in these situations.

Indiana athletics media relations director J.D. Campbell said that has not been told by anyone that Senderoff’s status has changed, and that he knows of no imminent announcement.


  1. Where does Goodman get the idea that Senderoff was a fall guy?

    He very well may be, but he also made the majority of the offending calls, including the three-way calls. Goodman doesn’t state anything in the article to justify that claim.

    That’s bad journalism. If you’re going to call someone a fall guy, back it up, or else qualify the statement, i.e. “some consider Senderoff to be the ‘fall guy’…”

  2. yes, the digging has only begun. I would not be surprised if this ends up taking the coach, the A.D. and a few trustees (if we’re lucky) out before all is done.

  3. “yes, the digging has only begun. I would not be surprised if this ends up taking the coach, the A.D. and a few trustees (if we’re lucky) out before all is done.”

    Don’t be so hysterical.

    Some of you people need to relax and let the real story come out. This wild speculation just makes you look goofy.

    Nobody has any idea what is going to happen, and nobody knows the real story…who is telling the truth, who isn’t, etc.

    Make your judgments after you know all of the facts. What a concept, huh?

  4. I agree Austin.

    Have some faith in our head coach. Maybe there’s more to it, maybe there isn’t. But how do you know?

    Sampson is the coach right now, and the season is less than a week away. Don’t be so cynical. The firing of the head coach isn’t exactly what the program needs this year, especially since we have a chance to be something special!

  5. “The firing of the head coach isn’t exactly what the program needs this year, especially since we have a chance to be something special!”

    Special – Is that a euphanism for CHEATING? That’s what we have to look forward to. We are no longer special. Any success that IU has on the court will at the least be tainted. At the worst the W’s may be removed from the record books at a later date – a la the Michigan Fab Five, the Purdue 3-Cheat, or the Minnesota grade fixing scandal.

    We can now add Sampson Phonegate to the list.

  6. IU ’75, the fact that you would put this with the Fab Five debacle just shows that you don’t know s*** about the situation, or you’ve been waiting for a reason to railroad Sampson and found your angle. Shut up and stop claiming to be a fan of the team, you whiny turncoat. Your boyfriend is in Lubbock.

  7. Swampy – What’s the difference between Ed Martin giving U of M an unfair recruiting advantage and KS making illegal calls to potential recruits to influence them to attend IU?

    Both are against the rules and were done to gain an advantage over the other schools.

    BTW, I have had season tickets since 1971. How about you?

  8. I just verified this with the IU Athletic’s Department…

    …Swampy has had season tickets since 1970.

  9. The IU AD Dept needs to look at Terry Clapacs VP. He directs Greenspan. It is only going to be evil dealings there until clapacs and his boys are gone.He has to keep the lid on all the past dealings to keep a appearance of fair play.It is really a shame of the last couple of decades in which clapacs has done damage to this school. How many former players and coaches come back for football and basketball games? There is no connection anymore with the school that they played for.

  10. Swampy may have tickets but I am sure glad I dont sit next to him. He sounds like he is 4’9″ and with short mans disease. He must type **** to everyone he disagrees with. Clean it up and talk like a man.

  11. Spor: With you on that. Clapacs and the old guard of IU administration/trustees. Seems like a Good Ole Boy society intermingled with bad hires and expensive firings. The whole program is still smarting from firing Bill Mallory. Shame Shame

  12. While I havent agreed with every decision made by the IU administration, I have to agree with Austin. Everyone is freaking out, period. Some of you want the job of everyone in Btown. The corruption we’ve seen in the English Department, oh my, for years giving basketball players Bs when they deserved B-‘s. Everyone should go down.

    I agree that this is a problem. But, I think people should just calm down a bit and wait to see what happens. Much like the recruiting trail, until it happens and is reported, it’s mostly a waste of time for fans to get involved. Pure speculation.

    And if you cant see a difference between the Ed Martin-scandal and phone calls, go to Lubbock. I loved Coach Knight as much as anyone, but you’ve gotta move on with your life at some point.

  13. Izzo said this was no big deal, we got no advantage from it and other schools do a LOT worse.

    He’s not the only coach to say that…….

  14. What kind of a man allows a subordinate to take the punishment for failing to abide by the terms of his own probation? Was Senderoff on probation? Where does the buck stop around the basketball program? I am very afraid of the NCAA punishment that is surely coming to IU.

    Isn’t it just possible that maybe this is not the right man to be the head coach at IU? Greenspan really hit a home run with Hoeppner, but so far Sampson has just been a foul ball. I agree that everything this team accomplishes this season will be tainted by this scandal.

  15. “I agree that everything this team accomplishes this season will be tainted by this scandal.”

    It doesn’t work that way. How many people are saying the Patriots season is being tainted by scandal? Nobody that I hear. The only talk I hear is how good they are. Don’t you remember when “spy gate” came out? It was the demise of the Patriots! Everything was tainted! Please.

    The only people who will bring up this phone call nonsense are the Hoosier Haters from rival schools…the rest of the country simply doesn’t care. Most humans outside of the state of Indiana fill their brain with a lot more useful & meaningful information than whether Kelvin Sampson was involved in 1 impermissible three way phone calls or 10. Most people don’t know who Senderoff is and couldn’t care less about him.

    Nobody in sports, outside of the state of Indiana and the NCAA, really cares about these phone calls. Most people, when they see “too many phone calls,” laugh, yawn, and forget about it. Quit worrying about your “school’s reputation” because no one else is really paying attention but you.

    The only thing Indiana fans should concern themselves with is how the NCAA will respond, because that’s the only opinion that matters or could hurt Indiana.

  16. Let he is w/o sin cast the first stone. Wait until the NCAA rules on this and then you bash the program, the coach, the english dept…..have I left anyone out?

  17. He is leaving because he has no job to do. He can’t recruit for the next year so would you want to pay him to do nothing all year. I wouldn’t.

  18. Umm, Austin, read the article on ESPN about how the Colts v. Pats game this weekend is a battle between good and evil, and then re-post. The Pats and Beli-cheat, as he is being called, have a pretty big storm cloud that is going to follow them around all season and a lot of unanswered questions.

  19. Can you imagine if someday soon the Illinois v Indiana basketball game were pumped as a battle of good v. evil, with IU being the evil one? I think I would throw-up on the spot.

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