Greenspan evades questions; Sampson plans to evade questions

Here’s the lead to reporter Dann Denny’s story about Indiana athletic director Rick Greenspan’s appearance at a press conference this afternoon:

After IU athletics director Rick Greenspan opened a Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Indiana press conference with a few brief comments in the Hoosier Room Wednesday afternoon, he displayed tailback speed as he made a beeline out of the room.

Left in his wake were broadcasters and cameramen from three Indianapolis television stations — Channel 6, Channel 8 and Fox 59 — with their bright lights glaring and microphones poised.

A female broadcaster from Fox 59 showed some quick feet as well, chasing the beleaguered AD into the hallway and asking for a comment about IU basketball coach Kelvin Sampson. Greenspan kept walking, disappearing like a vapor into the bowels of Memorial Stadium.

With Greenspan gone, the TV stations packed up their gear and headed back to Indianapolis, skipping the rest of the press conference. They had come for one purpose — to ask Greenspan about Sampson falling off the “phone call” wagon.

But Greenspan, honorary chairman of the 2008 Bowl For Kids’ Sake fundraising campaign, did not want to talk about that.

Rather, he said the goal for the 20th annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake campaign in south central Indiana is $200,000, 15 percent more than the amount raised last year.


Kelvin Sampson will hold a press conference tomorrow and, according to an IU e-mail, “will be happy to speak about the team and its first week of practice but will not address questions regarding the recent IU sanctions.”


  1. I want to hear about the team. Please give us some good info on practice so far, when you can. Thanks guys.

  2. That e-mail is bull—-.

    If someone in the Assembly Hall media room doesn’t ask Sampson about the sanctions tomorrow I will have lost a lot of faith in our media.

    Sampson isn’t that big. If he charges at you, I bet you can take him.


    This is crazy…..

  4. I guess Greenspan was heading to his office as fast as he could to hide under his desk…..They had a chance to hire this guy at Louisville(Jurich) who has done an excellant job there and they hire this bum….serves them right….IU…nothing but bad hires..!!

  5. Bob, Greenspan is the best A.D. IU has had in a long time. Come on, what do you expect him to do? Everyone has so blown this out of proportion.

  6. Anne – you could only be Greenspan’s, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, granddaughter or lover to make the assertion he is the best AD in a long time. He is a bungling, irresponsible, so far out of his league Athletic Director who should be at the elementary school level. He’s pathetic. And to make it worse, won’t talk to the press. What an ignorant weasel.

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