Holloway picks Hoosiers

At the end of a day of Indiana basketball news about coach Rob Senderoff being forced to resign, the Hoosiers got some good news — Terrell Holloway, a 6-foot-1, 175-pound point guard has made a verbal commitment to play at IU.

Holloway is a New York City native who is playing this year for Harmony Community School in Cincinnati.

He will join a 2008 recruiting class that also includes New York native Devin Ebanks, as well as Illinois guard Matt Roth and Ohio power forward Tom Pritchard.

Holloway was one of the group of recruits attending IU’s Hoosier Hysteria event this month. He is rated among the top 150 players in the class of 2008.


  1. Career backup. IU isn’t moving in the right direction anymore.

    Talk just a few weeks ago was about mega studs Strickland and Stephenson and now there lost causes.

    IU isn’t recruiting like there one of the big boys, sorry but it’s true other than Ebanks everyone else are backups or role players.

  2. You cant put the Bud Mackey debacle at the heals of this staff, if Bud had been clean like ALL thought even his head coach in HS then this class would look alot better. Take it easy, we need a ball handler so the STUD 09 guards we get can play the 2 spot…..

    PS: You have to have role players and good ones at that and there is a very very good source that says TH is more than just a career back up……………

    Devin Ebanks thinks he can play D-1 ball, he is the reason why TH is a Hoosier………..

  3. Ricochet-

    I’d agree this class looks better with Mackey, if Zeller and others. But, if you’re insinuating that this class has fallen because of phone calls…plllleeeaase. You cant possibly think two NBA-bound kids from NYC give a damn about phone calls?

    I mean whether or not we do is one thing, but I highly doubt any of the recruits; especially ones like those two guys care at all.

  4. Ricochet , Please put a tad bit more thought into your posts . You come off as a bumbling idiot who has no idea what they are speaking about .

  5. I absolutely love it when people write the career of a recruit they have probably never seen play and know absolutely nothing about. The truth is that nobody knows how these recruits will pan out, and you should reserve judgment until the guy actually plays for Indiana and can be evaluated.

  6. Ricochet, what makes you think the big boys in the ’09 class are a lost cause?? Do you have inside information that no one else has? Please inform us!

    The last few articles I read pretty much said that the NY recruits loved it in B-Town, and felt like celebrities. And Jim hit the nail on the head… These guys don’t care about phone calls. All IU needs to do is show them a program who can make a deep run in the tourney and get the national exposure so NBA scouts can watch.

  7. Terrell Holloway is a great guard. He’s quick. He can score and dish out. Great court vision. I’m surprised St Johns didnt get him. Indiana has a steal with “Tutu”!!!

  8. I dont like when people evaluate talent without watching these kids play. I am from Hempstead and I am not being biased when I say that Holloway is a great player. When he was young playing with us older kids he was killing us. I am three years older than him and you wouldnt know it. I feel good for any school he goes to. He is a great player. I tell you all about Holloway. He is a dominant point guard with great court vision. He lead the Hempstead Tigers to the Nassau Class AA title, the program’s first in six seasons. He averaged 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and six steals. This was his first year playing varsity basketball. He led a team that did not have a single college prospect playing on the team. He definitely make his players around him better. He had a great summer holding his own and standing out playing against the best. He is a steal for Indiana.

  9. “TuTu” is a beast, on the court. he was a beast on the football field as well. a natural point gaurd/quaterback. who seldom makes mistakes with the rock.
    the toughness of a QB who’s not affraid to go in the paint and make something happen. TuTu will be a good fit for IU.

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