Hoosiers gearing up for Penn State

How about a little football talk to break up this week full of Indiana basketball chatter?

After IU’s football practice today, coach Bill Lynch said his team has rebounded from Saturday’s loss to Penn State with two very good days of practice on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I talked with two senior leaders on the defense, tackle Joe Kremer and linebacker Adam McClurg, who both said they believe the Hoosiers will do a much better job of stopping the run this Saturday. They said they struggled against the power running game that MSU ran in part because they haven’t seen any other teams that run the same offense. They also said they just didn’t play well last Saturday.

“If everyone does their assignment, it doesn’t take a supreme effort to stop anyone,” Kremer said.

The Hoosier defense will be more determined this week, Kremer said, after giving up 52 points to Michigan State.

“We don’t want to have that happen again,” he said. “We don’t want to see 50 points on the board because we’re not the same old defense and we’re not the same old IU.”


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