Hoosiers in a dogfight

Despite some second quarter defensive struggles, the Hoosiers are very much alive and the second half should be a good one. Because of a missed extra point, Penn State leads 20-14.

IU has played soundly through the first half, but Penn State was able to take advantage of missed tackles and seems in the Hoosier D to drive down pretty easily and get a score right before the half. IU’s defense will need to fix those areas if they want to stay competitive in the second half.

Another few notes:

  • James Hardy’s touchdown grab tied him with Jade Butcher for the most career receiving touchdowns in IU history. Both have 30 career scores.
  • The homecoming crowd is impressive, and it doesn’t look like too many of them will be leaving soon with IU only six behind at the half. Up in the press box, we’ve heard the crowd was anywhere from 38-45,000. A small delegate of Penn State fans riled up the Hoosier faithful late in the second period, chanting “We are… Penn State!” To that, the home crowd overwhelmed them with chants of “IU!”
  • I think the Hoosiers was able to make a huge statement on the first drive of the game. Facing the No. 5-ranked defense in the nation, Kellen Lewis came out and marched IU 80 yards down the field and found James Hardy for the touchdown.
  • Penn State has amazingly outgained the Hoosiers 124-4 on the ground in the first two quarters. Part of that comes from a few sacks on Lewis, who’s been pressured all day by the PSU linebackers. He’ll need greater protection in the second half for the Hoosiers to have any chance at moving the ball.