1. In your response to a question about McGee, you said that we “need guards.”


    Right now, we have 4 guards that could start for most teams and when Rat comes back, we’ll have 5.

    What we need is somebody on the inside.

    Stemler is not an “inside guy.” Mike is too short. Thomas doesn’t have the conditioning to give us a ton of minutes. And Holman is extremely raw.

    If anything, we “need” someone on the inside to help out DJ.

    At guard, we’re loaded.

  2. Laffy,

    I meant that IU needs players practicing at guard and being available to do scout-team work.

    The Hoosiers have got five guys (D.J. White, Lance Stemler, DeAndre Thomas, Eli Holman and Mike White) that they believe can play the two post positions.

    They’ve got only five guys (Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, Jordan Crawford and A.J. Ratliff) who they think can fill the three guard spots right away. And Ratliff can’t play until mid-December. So, strictly by the numbers, it makes more sense right now to have McGee playing guard.

    Besides all that, McGee isn’t the inside guy you’re looking for. If Holman is raw, then McGee is just as raw and not nearly as tall or long.

    Sorry for not making that clearer.

    — Chris

  3. Thanks.

    I thought McGee was farther along in his skills as an inside guy.

    Do you think we’ll ever see three inside guys on the floor at the same time?

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