Final Score: Wisconsin 33, Indiana 3


  • Mehlhaff kicks a 39-yarder to give Wisconsin a little bit of extra cushion.
  • Indiana has now tied its single season record for most sacks in a season with 36.
  • As is customary with the scoop, I’ll now step away a bit as we get ready for interviews. I’ll be back after with a short recap.


Indiana gets another shot, this time starting at its own 30.

  • Thigpen with the carry and he . . . yes, fumbles. But Indiana jumps on it.
  • Lewis turns to throw right and Shaughnessy bats it down.
  • Shaughnessy is barely slowed by Mike Stark and gets to Lewis.


Had to let Doug blog for a second there. I’m back. The Badgers tried to throw for a first down and failed. They punt it away.


Wisconsin looks ready to turn this into a complete rout. With two long runs on their first two plays of the possession, the Badgers move the ball from the 7 to their 32…..The Hoosiers are trying to strip the ball more than to tackle.


Indiana starts at its 25.

  • Lewis finds Means over the middle for an 11 yard gain.
  • Thigpen spins up through a few tackles, gains 7.
  • Lewis keeps and runs left for a gain of 17.
  • Eight-yard gain by Lewis as he can’t find an open receiver and opts to break left.
  • Lewis tries for Sears as whatever he was looking at downfield didn’t appeal to him. Wisconsin has done a good job of primarily loading up coverage but bringing blitzes when needed.
  • Lewis keeps and picks up the two he needs for a first down. Indiana is threatening.
  • Lewis keeps, gets up the middle for ten yards and — while trying to spin through a tackle — fumbles. Wisconsin recovers.


Now it’s time for one of the finest traditions in college football. The Wisconsin students are jumping around to the song Jump Around by House of Pain. The press box is, literally, rattling back and forth.


WISCONSIN 24, INDIANA 3 (End of 3rd Quarter)

  • 8 plays, 78 yards, 2:56

Wisconsin loses yards on the return then is called for a block int he back. It starts at its 22.

  • Except that Hubbard gets free for a 32-yard catch.
  • Smith up middle for three.
  • Now Donovan stands in and throws deep. Kirlew gets a shot on him, and the pass is too far for Jefferson in single coverage.
  • Zach Brown comes out of the backfield, runs to the first down marker and Donovan gets him the ball.
  • Smith finds room outside and gains 13.
  • Now Smith tries the middle. Gets two yards.
  • Polk makes contact with Hubbard and is called for it.
  • First and goal from the 9 for Wisconsin. Zach Brown — plenty of acceleration but not much vision — charges ahead for three yards.
  • Smith bounces left, using the width of the field, and gets the six-yard TD. The image was stirring: as he ran to the pylon, the section he was facing stood and then the wave radiated from there.


Indiana’s still down just two touchdowns and gets the ball at its 21.

  • Lewis avoids the blitz, rolls all the way right and gets out of bounds with a two-yard gain.
  • A screen to Means. Wisconsin sees it. Casillas — who’s been dominant — tackles Means for a 5-yard loss.
  • A gutsy play call pays off — but not really. Marcus Thipen was able to bounce left and go all the way. Except for the fact that James Hardy was holding his man — needlessly — and got called. He complained to the ref as Thigpen went up the sideline.
  • Now there’s a personal foul tacked on.
  • It’s 3rd and 17 from the 12. Sears plunges ahead for three yards.


Saxon is able to walk off with an escort. Wisconsin gets the ball at its 46.

  • Lance Smith carries up the middle. He gets 3 yards.
  • Smith reads the play well and bounces left. Tracy Porter expertly fills that gap though, and Smith only gains a yard.
  • Donovan is pressured and steps up on 3rd and 6. He thinks run, but then stops and tries for Beckum. The pass is low and Beckum’s hit as he tries for it.


Indiana takes over at its 26.

  • The officials review the play and it stands.
  • James Bailey takes a screen left this time, and gains three.
  • Means fights for that reception, beating Casillas to the ball and yanking it away. He gains two yards.
  • On 3rd and five, the call is: a bootleg right with Means floating that way. Eight-yard completion gets the first down.
  • Lewis keeps and turns right, gaining four.
  • Now Bailey streaks across the middle and Lewis stands in and finds him for a first down.
  • Lewis lofts the ball toward Hardy 30-yards down field. He fits between two defenders and tries to haul the ball in with one hand.
  • By the way, safety Nick Polk is playing a lot of wide receiver.
  • On this play, he blocked well and allowed Hardy to take a quick screen and cut inside. But Hardy fumbles and Wisconsin recovers.
  • Pete Saxon, the sophomore guard, is down on the play. There are a bunch of doctors out there looking at him, as he was on the bottom of the fumble pile.


Wisconsin starts at its 32.

  • Donovan keeps it and gains six yards before he’s forced to fumble by Jammie Kirlew. Will Patterson recovers.


Alex Perry will be snapping the ball to Kellen Lewis. This is his first Big Ten action. He’ll start at the 20.

  • Illegal procedure on first down pushes Indiana back five.
  • Where’s James Hardy? He has two catches for eight yards.
  • Sears — who had 100 yards, a career high, against Wisconsin last year — gains three.
  • Lewis, playing behind an offensive line of two true sophomores and two redshirt freshmen, is flushed. Instead of throwing the ball into the crowd he lofts it down the sideline. Allen Langford intercepts the pass.


Injury update: Center Ben Wyss is out with a foot injury. His backup, Matt Moses, won’t return. He’s got an injured knee. And DT Joe Kremer won’t play due to a knee injury.


An illegal block in the back — the first penalty of the game — pushes Wisconsin back to its 26.

  • Brown tries the middle and gets three.
  • Indiana calls a time out prior to second down.
  • Donovan, under pressure, uses his safety valve and flips to Lance Smith. He gets upfield for a gain of six.
  • 3rd and 1, maybe the full back?
  • Or how about a false start?
  • Donovan finds Garrett Graham, his other tight end, again running underneath the zone. He’s right at the marker and gets a good spot. First down.
  • Lance Smith into the line, gain of three. The Badgers haven’t been very effective with the run since Hill left.
  • Donovan throws to Jefferson on an out route for another first down.
  • Adam McClurg flies through to Brown in the backfield, bringing him down for a 1-yard loss.
  • Beckum, sitting in the middle of the field, makes a catch for a 9-yard gain.
  • Donovan escapes and gets the first down, but there’s an illegal shift on the play.
  • Now 3rd and 7 from the Wisconsin 47 and . . . Indiana’s blitz gets through to Donovan. Faires led the way, and he’s playing as well as he has all year.


Lewis will get his chance starting from the 20.

  • Screen to Means for three yards. As some of you have pointed out to me in e-mails, this coaching staff tends to fall in love with certain plays. Today, it is that one, with Means bolting along the line from his spot in the slot, catching the ball and turning up field.
  • Thigpen gains three on 2nd down.
  • Lewis under pressure has to try to dump for Bailey. He can’t get through a defender and back to the ball.
  • Matt Moses stays down after the play. He’s already the second-string center. He’s not able to walk off on his own power. We’ll try to get an update.


Injury update: P.J. Hill, who had 58 yards on 12 carries in the first half, won’t return.