Inside IU Football with Bill Lynch

Shortly after the show ended, Lynch got a cell phone call with the news that his new grandson had just been born. Lynch, who now has five grandchildren, left Coaches with his wife Linda to visit Billy and his wife Carla at Bloomington hospital. The baby, surely one of top prospects in the class of 2025, weighs nine pounds and three ounces.
In the last segment of the show, Lynch said he’s not usually a big stats guy but the statistical similarities between Indiana and Michigan State are striking. They mirror each other in several offensive and defensive categories, including total defense in which Indiana has allowed one more yard than Michigan State this season.
A caller asked Lynch what Indiana’s plans are to improve attendance. Here’s his response:

“Our job is we’ve got to go out and play as good a football as we possibly can and make it so everyone in the parking lot wants to come in and watch us,” Lynch said.

Don Fischer said the team has done everything it can to attract fans.

“It’s the fans loss if they’re not watching this team,” Fischer said. “It’s not the players’ loss.”

Unfortunately, the reality of today’s college sports is that the bad attendance is everybody’s loss in the IU athletic department. Having only 32,000 fans on hand as the team goes 5-1 is a huge problem when trying to field teams that are competitive against the rest of the Big Ten, which as a whole averages more than 70,000 for home games.

I just heard that Bill Lynch has a more pressing matter tonight than his radio show. He’s about to have a new grandchild at any moment. His son, assistant coach Billy Lynch, is at the hospital right now awaiting the birth of his second child.
Backup linebacker Tyler Replogle is out for the season after tearing an ACL, Lynch just said. Replogle, a true freshman, has played very well on special teams, Lynch said, and has impressed coaches and teammates with his play at linebacker.
Bill Lynch’s review of Saturday’s game is the same tonight on his radio show as what we heard after the game. He thinks the offense played well, but needs to do better in the red zone and the defense played hard and physical, even if it missed some tackle by bouncing off ball carriers.

Indiana scored on its first seven drives, Lynch noted, but four of those scores were field goals.

“Great job by Austin Starr, but we’ve got to score touchdowns because that’s going to come back and bite us,” Lynch said.

Don Fischer is urging the Hoosier nation to jump on the bandwagon


  1. Congratulations to the Lynch family. May the boy grow up in a world where IU plays in bowl games all the time.

  2. I have attended every IU football game for the last 5 years as a student. I will graduate and move into the real world and try to make it back for as many games as I can.

    But the fact of the matter is: there are not many fans out there like that.

    For the general public, tickets cost way too much even if they are the cheapest in the Big 10. Maybe giving people more than 5 points towards priority for basketball tickets would help since that is where most people’s interest is anyway.

    For students, it is the MOST BORING student section of any school in the Big 10, and maybe any school in the country. Nothing happens during the game. When Zombie Nation is played, we do the stupid waving your arms thing instead of jumping up and down like every other school in the country. The band should be moved back to the student section. We also need better things going on during the timeouts rather than the stupid car race on the big board. Why not have some sort of real race on the field?? Oh and get rid of the STUPID cheerleader talking before football and basketball games. Most of the students are BOOING when this occurs. Does Rick Greenspan not hear that???

    These are the same problems that happen during basketball season with the student section. Until students have a reason to come into the game and not be bored, they are going to stay out and tailgate. Our Athletic Department has been great at finding coaches. They have been TERRIBLE when it comes to ticketing and creating a great atmosphere for students at football and basketball games.

    I have been very vocal in my opinions for the past year now and nothing has been done. First come/first serve has not been implemented for basketball, and now we lost 2 games do to them overselling the tickets. Will my 5 years of season tickets mean anything when it comes to basketball priority? NO, because the AD department doesn’t have a clue.

    Have I hit the nail on the head here?

  3. In response to Scott:

    “MOST BORING student section of any school in the Big Ten” …? Have you been to a Northwestern game? …where Northwestern fans are outnumbered by opposing fans almost every game.

    Who’s fault is it that you do the Zombie Nation dance as opposed to jumping around? I don’t see the AD showing you what to do during that song. Why don’t you start jumping around and see if everyone follows?

    The Priority Points from football really only concern about 10,000 fans for basketball, the majority of which are probably already football ticket holders.

    If IU continues to play consistent and win games, the fans will eventually come. I really doubt a “jumping around” rule during Zombie Nation or an on the field race during a timeout is really what it will take to get fans to leave the lots. Winning games and making IU football success meaningful to students is what it will take to fully pack the Rock.

  4. No, this is completely off base.

    I actually will be attending the IU/NW game this year, so I will let you know how things go up there. I really do not even consider them part of the Big 10 anyway.

    And one student jumping up and down is not going to do anything. We need ORGANIZATION. That is something that our AD department apparently does not understand. They talked a lot last year during the basketball season about finding a way to get better at ORGANIZATION when it comes to students. Apparently, they just forgot about that, because nothing has changed.

    And yes, while the 10,000 fans that it concerns for basketball may already be football ticket holders, it is still a great MARKETING ploy. And even better marketing ploy would be to make those people who buy season tickets come to a certain amount the game to earn their points. Many of them may just be buying the tickets to get their points and never showing up. We scan the tickets, and it goes into a system which tracks who shows up, so this is possible.

    It takes a good atmosphere for students, especially, to leave the lots, and I promise you that if we do not change our ways, nothing is going to change in the student section in the coming years no matter how many games we win. If we win against MSU, there will be a huge call for people to come to the Penn St. game, and I personally guarantee there will not be any more than 40,000 there.

  5. Scott,

    So, what was the ORGANIZATION that got the waving of the arms started?

    How is more priority points a good MARKETING ploy, when the only people that care about priority points would be basketball fans who the majority of already have football tickets?

    Are we really in a position to “force” ticket holders to attend a certain amount of the games? Seems to me we need every bit of football revenue we can get, so who cares if some fans buy tickets and don’t show up? It’s not like we’re selling out our stadium and they’re taking seats away from others.

    I’d love to hear your ideas for improving the atmosphere at football games! A list of what it would take to get fans out of the lots AND be interested in the game would be great! Then maybe we can compare that list to consecutive bowl appearances and a few nice wins over Purdue. Hoosiers have pride in their basketball program, and the interest is high. Give them something to be proud about with the football team and the interest will increase. Gimicks and AD policies about priority points and tickets isn’t going to get this program where it wants to go.

  6. You are right that AD policies and prioirty points are not going to get this program where it wants to go. The program is fine right now.

    The fans are not fine. No one cares about football here, and I do not think they ever will even if we win a lot of games. Why is there not excitement about a 5-1 start? We are ranked #29 in the nation. That should be plenty to fill the stadium until the football team proves they are the same old IU.

    We need an attitude change here, and I think policies are a good way to start doing that. There will always be people to fill the basketball stadium. I do not care if people get pissed off because they actually have to attend the games.

    I am going to do some research when my schedule starts to lighten which will be in the next two weeks about how other schools handle this situation mainly for students because that is what I am. I know there are many schools out there that make you attend other sports to be able to attend basketball games.

    This is not a foreign concept, and other schools obviously felt it was in their best interest.

  7. I wll support Scott on one thing–football games were much more fun from an alumni’s point of view(BA’83) when the band was in the student’s section.

    Also, why were the pregame fireworks to call fans to the stands, and the Crimson Crew flag discontinued? Anybody know??

  8. Just so you know, the band will sit in the new North End Zone seats next year, right next to the student section.

  9. KevinK,

    If you go to the HoosiersHQ on the HT website, about half way down on the right hand side you will see a section called IU Sports Venues click on the “North End Zone Project”, you will need Power Point to view it. In the slides it shows where the band seating will be in the north end zone

  10. Thanks for posting that Mike. I responded, but for some reason my post said “awaiting moderation”, and it didn’t show up.

  11. This goes all the way back up to scott:

    the reason people aren’t that excited about a 5-1 start is probably because of the quality of the 5 teams we beat. I mean when your marquee win is against 2-5 Iowa or 1-5 Minnesota, it doesn’t prouve much except we can beat up on bad teams. Give me that Illinois game or a win against Penn State or Wisconsin, and continue that success, then you might start to see a turn out at games. No one wants to see a historically bad team play mediocre football. I have a feeling that just getting to a bowl game won’t increase fan attendance that much. Put IU in the Rose Bowl or let them show some consistancy, then we’ll talk attendance.

  12. Hey Steve O, We’re headed in that direction, why don’t you hop on and enjoy the ride too, instead of just the destination? If we only beat Purdue by a touchdown or two this year, are you going to find a dark cloud then too?

    Go Hoosiers!

  13. Hey kevink you’re right we are headed in the right direction, and i am enjoying the ride. i have season tickets thank you. i’m simply giving the reasons why the fans aren’t coming. and i’m pretty sure i hit the nail right on the head. Why would I find a dark cloud if we beat Purdue? Not sure what you were going for there, but ok.

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