IU press release: Senderoff resigns from men’s basketball staff

Here is what athletic media relations director J.D. Campbell sent out at 8:17 this morning:

Rob Senderoff has decided it is in his and Indiana University’s best interests that he voluntarily resign from the University. His resignation is effective immediately.


  1. Is that seriously all that was in the release? If yes then file this one under “how to: escalate a negative incident into a full-fledged public relations crisis.”

  2. I agree, this is ridiculous. If the University was going to stand by him, they should have stood by him. Otherwise, they should have let him go immediately. I also want to know what the hell else is going on that we don’t know about–it doesn’t make any sense at all for Senderoff to “resign” given the nature of the violations.

  3. Zach, yes, that is the entire release that we received this morning from IU. I don’t remember ever receiving a press release so short about someone leaving the university.

  4. OK, after reading the full release I’m taking back my “full fledged public relations crisis” line from above because I don’t think this will escalate that far. However, I still think it’s bush league in any circumstance to issue a two sentence PR.

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