IU Soccer Sunday


Indiana (9-4-2, 3-0-1) ties Ohio State (9-3-3, 2-1-1), 0-0

Ohio State is the big winner here, having now tied the Hoosiers the last two matches they played in Bill Armstrong Stadium after losing the first 19, and have now shut out Indiana just twice in 47 total meetings between the schools.

Final Stats:
Indiana 0, Ohio State 0

Shots: Indiana 18, Ohio State 13
(On Goal): Indiana 7, Ohio State 3
Corners: Ohio State 8, Indiana 4
Fouls: Indiana 20, Ohio State 12
Saves: Ohio State 7, Indiana 3


Chay Cain switched sides of the field with Buckeye GK Casey Latchem, and the two likewise switched head gear. Latchem is now wearing a baseball cap because he is the one staring into the sun.

The crowd had a collective intake of breath as Ohio State’s Roger Espinoza just misses to the left of the net.

We go to the second overtime period.

IU’s Kevin Alston disrupts a drive by Espinoza.

It’s a final. A scoreless tie.

Second Half:

Opportunity right away for IU, as Daniel Kelly unleashes a mean foot from the right side but the shot sails wide left of the goal.

Eric Alexander gets another look for the Hoosiers about five minutes in, but GK Casey Latchem gets his hands above his head in time to stop the goal. John Mellencamp passed to Kevin Noschang on the left, who found Alexander in the middle. The setup looked tantalizing, but no rewards to show for it.

Brad Ring has started making some nifty moves from the midfielder position. He gets a shot off, but the roller is wide left.

About 15:30 to go in regulation and Greg Stevning has a header go off the crossbar. It’s the second header close call for the Hoosiers in the half.

IU keeper Chay Cain another great save, this time leaping up and left. Cain is sporting a black baseball cap this afternoon to keep the sun out. Hats off to this performance so far.

Noschang breaks loose on left side but he is thwarted by his defender.

Time runs out on regulation, and the game is still scoreless.

Regulation Stats:
Indiana 0, Ohio State 0

Shots: Indiana 15, Ohio State 10
(On Goal: Indiana 7, Ohio State 3
Corners: Ohio State 8, Indiana 4
Fouls: Indiana 15, Ohio State 9
Saves: Ohio State 7, Indiana 3

First Half:

Hoosier midfielder John Mellencamp shot on pretty good look, fed by Kevin Alston, diverted by sliding defender and dribbles just left of goal.

Xavier Balc, Ohio State’s leading scorer, rockets a shot towards top of net, but IU GK Chay Cain gets a hand on it and tips it over crossbar.

Buckeye defender Doug Verhoff fails to convert a golden opportunity when a cross gets Cain mixed up, but Verhoff’s shot sails wide right out of harm’s way. The Buckeyes very nearly had the game’s first lead.

Kevin Noschang, IU’s points leader, got a good shot off in heavy traffic some 12 yards in front of the Ohio State net, but it rolled right.

20 minutes into the game, Indiana has four shots, all on goal, and Casey Latchem has saved them all while manning the net for the Buckeyes.

Brad Ring took a free kick for the Hoosiers from not more than 7 feet out, but the ball hit the Buckeye wall.

After a foul called against Ohio State, Roger Espinoza displayed an animated reaction of frustration, upon which the official then lectured him sternly amid gusty cheers from the Indiana fans.

A yellow card was issued to Buckeye defender Eric Brunner for a slide tackle from behind around the middle of the pitch.

Darren Yeagle launched a booming shot directly on target from the left side, but Latchem managed to turn him away with yet another save.

Chay Cain answers on the other end with two quick saves, both diving efforts. Cain dove left to deflect a shot that stayed in play then sprinted out to his right and dove to the top of the goalie’s box to corral a loose roller.

Mellencamp was issued a yellow card with 30 ticks left in the first half.

Halftime Stats:
Indiana 0, Ohio State 0

Shots: Indiana 8, Ohio State 5
(On Goal): Indiana 5, Ohio State 2
Corners: Ohio State 4, Indiana 2
Fouls: Indiana 7, Ohio State 5
Saves: Ohio State 5, Indiana 2


Indiana (12-2-2) beats Oakland (7-7-1), 2-1
Completes second season in school history where Indiana goes unbeaten at home. That last happened in 1998, the only year the team has ever played in the NCAA tournament. The program began play in 1993.

Final Stats:
Shots: Indiana 21, Oakland 8
(On Goal): Indiana 9, Oakland 5
Corners:Oakland 8, Indiana 6
Fouls: Oakland 7, Indiana 6
Saves: Oakland 7, Indiana 4

Second Half:

GOAL! Hoosiers net the equalizer in the 48th minute as freshman Chloe McKay cleans up a rebounded ball and finds the bottom right corner from the top of the 18.

IU coach Mick Lyon seems to have lit a fire during his halftime chat with his players, as the Hoosiers are playing much more intense early in the second half.

McKay another chance but shot well over top of goal.

McKay yet again with an opportunity but an Oakland defender is in good position to stop the threat as the ball got by GK Kim Herbst.

IU’s Kate Nierman gets a shot on goal and the ball gets caught between the left post and Watza’s back, bounces back and forth, and somehow winds up getting cleared.

Kristi Tomcsyk is left wide open and has defense beat but GK Lauren Hollandsworth comes up with a beautiful save for Hoosiers.

Moments later, IU defender Jessica Boots has a clear shot from left corner of the 6 box, but Herbst derails the opportunity.

Leigh Anne Cummings breaks free from defender and heads for the goal but Oakland’s Jessica Boyle makes a dangerous slide tackle in the box and is successful with no call.

Boots wide open on a run and heads in from the right sideline but is deterred by a great defnsive effort from Brittni Carter.

GOAL! Boots in 82nd minute on a long shot from 25 yards out that finds right upper 90 after ball bounces around in the Oakland box for a few breathtaking moments where two Hoosiers looked to have a shot. Looked like another lost opportunity for Hoosiers but Boots give the home team the lead.

Indiana 2, Oakland 1
Snaps Oakland’s six-game unbeaten streak

First Half:
Hoosiers getting numerous scoring chances early with six shots less than 20 minutes in. Jocelyn Moses had the best look on a feed from Kristin Arnold, one on one, but a good save by Elizabeth Watza, who had two saves in the first three minutes, the other on a long shot by IU’s Christie Kotynski.

Arnold center pass bounces toward goal and near the net, but Watza tips it over the crossbar.

Katy Stewart shot off post for Hoosiers.

Oakland first shot midway through first half by Jennifer Curtis, but freshman GK Lauren Hollandsworth punch save over net.

GOAL! by Oakland’s Kristi Evans in the 26th minute. Evans was found open near the left corner of the 18, strong leg into left side of the net. Assisted by Jessica Boyle.

Hollandsworth diving save to stop another Grizzlie goal.

Last ten minutes slower paced, but Oakland gets another late chance as Kristi Tomczyk shot from along right sideline is deflected by a Kelly Lawrence header.

Halftime Stats:
Oakland 1, Indiana 0

Shots: Indiana 8, Oakland 5
(On Goal): Oakland 4, Indiana 3
Corners: Oakland 6, Indiana 1
Fouls: Oakland 3, Indiana 0
Saves: Indiana 3, Oakland 3.