IU teleconference, brief review

Find an audio recording of the teleconference here. It’s free to listen to. 


Indiana athletic director Rick Greenspan, associate athletic director Grace Calhoun — who is the compliance director — and Robin Green Harris, an NCAA expert for the Ice Miller law firm, will address the media during a teleconference at 3. We’ll tryto bring you details from what they say.


The teleconference has ended, with little new information being revealed. Greenspan called Senderoff’s resignation “voluntary,” on several occasions, even though it was not. But because he continued to cast it that way, he answered no questions on why Senderoff was forced to resign almost an entire month after the report was originally submitted to the NCAA. He was able to evade those questions.

He did say that former player and assistant coach Dan Dakich, who is currently on the staff as the director of basketball operations, will move into Senderoff’s slot as an assistant coach. That position, though, will retain the sanctions placed on Senderoff, meaning Dakich won’t be able to call recruits or go on the road recruiting.

Greenspan and Green Harris said they won’t speculate as to when the NCAA will issue a ruling on either of the reports Indiana has submitted.

On the issue of three-way calls and whether Sampson realized he was participating in them, Greenspan was vague. Though the report indicates that two targets of those calls — one a recruit and one a mother of a recruit — said that Sampson and Senderoff were both on the phone and involved in the conversations, Greenspan indicated that he believed Sampson and Senderoff when they said they remembered no such conversations. Green Harris said that Ice Miller pushed Senderoff and Sampson — “I’m probably not one of his favorite people,” she said — on that issue and that they continued to state that they didn’t remember those conversations.

Green Harris also said she asked Sampson about why he didn’t realize they were three-way calls by looking at his Caller ID. Sampson told her that because he was on sanctions and could not make calls, he quickly answered any calls made to him without looking to see who was calling. Green Harris couldn’t say whether Sampson had Caller ID on his home phone — where several of the three-way calls were directed — but said the too-excited-to-look principle still applied.


  1. Chris “too-excited-to-look principle” was that a quote from Green Harris or an emblished interpretation… ? 🙂

  2. This is just insulting. It was a bad situation, but then Sampson threw this claim of being ignorant into the mix. Time to own up. Don’t add lie upon lie. It’ll only get worse.

    This is the thing: We’re supposed to believe that coach didn’t check caller ID, didn’t talk to Senderoff about these calls ever, and that during the WEEKLY compliance meetings where all calls were discussed, Senderoff and Kelvin failed to mention these?

    Stop the charade. PLEASE. This scares me, as lying could be seen as not cooperating in the end…

  3. Chey,

    I just couldn’t think of any other way to put it. She just said that if he did have Caller ID at home — she wasn’t sure — that he also would not have looked to see who was calling.

    Sorry for any confusion.


  4. I still answer the phone with WWWAAAZZZZUUUUPPPP so get off Coach’s back about not checking caller id 100% of the time.

  5. A recruit and a recruit’s mother BOTH distinctly recall separate conversations with both Senderhoff and Sampson talking on the line. Neither deny this happened, but claim amnesia. Right. Completely believable.

  6. this is amazing. In reality, the calls aren’t that big of an issue but the guy doesn’t learn from his mistakes in the past. If you are found guilty of something in the past you would think to be extra careful to avoid that in the future. It shows lack of control in the program no matter what and that is his job. Can him and let’s move on to someone else.

  7. As they say, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It sounds like the shame is now on us.

  8. I was really looking forward to this year. We seemed to be vastly improved on the court compared to Mike’s teams. However, this does not feel right and it is getting worse. I only hope that football can breathe a little life into things now. It seems like Greenspan and Sampson are rounding up the wagons. I do not see a way out with the two of them staying. I would fire Greenspan and bring in a new athletic director. the athletic director will make the decision on Sampson. Greenspan stuck his neck out and he lost. The saying goes “if you always tell the truth then you do not have to remember what you said”. I have a bad feeling that this principle is going to apply to us!

  9. RG found a wonderful football coach 3 years ago. But then he decided we would lay down with dogs. What surprise is it that we got up with fleas? This season, which shows so much promise(?) is now going to be tainted. This is the thanks DJ gets for staying. Sad.

    Do Not bring back RMK. Just clean this mess up honorably, restore the program, and find a clean, honest, dedicated person to coach IU basketball.

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