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I was at practice a week ago today and asked Coach Legette-Jack how she best gauges a week’s worth of progress at this point in the year. Here is what she said:

“By the rookies. They are going to be up and down all the time, but one thing they’re gonna give you is all their time, and that’s something that I really respect and I enjoy. They go really, really hard but sometimes they go in circles…so we’re trying to get them to kind of go straight and view the picture outwardly.”

Legette-Jack also reiterated her day-by-day approach but said that nothing unsatisfactory she notices can be addressed and fixed within a day, or even a week. “This is gonna take time, time, and time, and right now we have time.”

Towards the end of Monday’s practice was a shooting drill that saw the entire team trying to make 25 3-pointers in two minutes. Just as in a 3-point contest, they moved to five spots around the arc and could only go to the next upon completion of five baskets at each area. Even 6-4 freshman Georgia Follmer, the only player listed as a center on the roster, had to do this drill, as well as forward Whitney Thomas, who had one attempt last season.

In 2006-07, everyone shot at least one 3-pointer (center Sarah McKay tried 33) except Nicole Hardin, who only played three minutes in the team’s first game of the season. Coach Jack said that’s a trademark of her teams, and the difference this year is that her personnel is more skilled at passing should the regular 3-point shooters get blanketed and that, post players or not, everyone is able to fire from a distance or somehow get the ball inside.

Coach is very pleased to have the assistance of former point guard Leah Enterline this season. Enterline had a few options on how to work off her expenses for a fifth year of school, including administration duties or working at the HPER, but decided to be more directly involved with the team. Legette-Jack said it’s good especially for a coach that’s only been around for a couple of years to see a former player of theirs that wants to come back and offer services in any way possible.

“There hasn’t been a time since I’ve been around or heard about Indiana women’s basketball where the players graduated and wanted to be a part of it…so it was really neat that we’re getting to that cycle again where players want to stay around and help their alma mater, and Leah is starting that. She’s leaving her legacy again.”

Legette-Jack mentioned Quacy Barnes (1995-98) as the only former Hoosier she could think of that volunteered help after completing their eligibility, not to be confused with a graduate assistant position on the staff, which is what Jenny DeMuth held last year.

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  1. appreciate the information on the women. I don’t think the women’s team does a good job in selling its product which effects recruitment. Purdue women own the state and that includes several blogs and news sites that inform about recruits. I can find nothing “off the record” on who IU is pursuing, versus an excess on the men.

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