IU’s Turner out for season

Indiana wide receiver Terrance Turner is out for the season with a knee injury suffered against Iowa.

IU coach Bill Lynch said Tuesday that Turner will have surgery in the next couple of weeks. Turner suffered the injury while making a block, Lynch said.

Turner, a redshirt freshman from the Detroit area, has one catch this season for 23 yards. He had been working on IU’s second-string offense most of the season, but started Saturday because James Bailey was suspended for the Iowa game.

With the loss of Turner, sophomore Chris Banks moved into his second-string spot on this week’s depth chart. Another change in the two-deep lineup is that Bailey has moved down to second string and Andrew Means has moved up to the first string.

Lynch said that other than Turner’s injury, IU came out of the Iowa game without any new injuries.

Running back Demetrius McCray, who missed the Iowa game with a foot injury, is expected to be out again this week, although Lynch said he expects McCray back soon.


  1. Bailey got dropped to ND string for Means? That is interesting. Means has done good lately, but I still see him primarily as a short yardage receiver. Bailey was a very good mid to deep receiver to give Lewis a second choice other than Hardy deep.


    Do you know if this change is from on field performance, or does it extend from Bailey’s off field problems that got him suspended last week?

  2. Mike,

    I don’t know the reason for the apparent demotion (although with the Hoosiers playing four and five receivers as much as they do, being one of the three starters listed on the two-deep doesn’t mean as much). I’ll try to find out more today at practice.

    While Means has been used primarily as a short yardage guy in the slot, he is one of the fastest players on the team. Perhaps he could be a deep threat if used on the outside like he was at the end of the Iowa game after Turner was injured.

  3. Doug,

    You have seen more practice than I am allowed to see. What I did not see from him was the ability to adjust on the move and pull in a deep thrown ball when he is at speed.
    Have you seen him run these routes in practice?
    Can he adjust to the deep ball and pull it in while in stride?

    I have wondered why a kid with the apparent speed of Means played slot. Though some receivers play primarily in the slot for that reason, they can’t adjust on the deeper routes.

    Thanks for checking into this Doug.

  4. Mike,

    I think you raise a good question here and I haven’t seen him run those long routes enough to have an opinion on this.

  5. When was the last time James Bailey got through a game without dropping 3 balls?

    Enough said. Glad to see Means taking over for him.

  6. Bailey had a terrific fall camp, but hasn’t been the same player in games, other than that one terrific run he had after the catch against Illinois. One thing Means definitely adds is a tough, physical player at wide receiver.

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