1. The recruits who were on the receiving end of these impermissible phone calls…are they ineligible to attend IU now? For example, what if some of these impermissible calls were to Ebanks…is he now ineligible to sign a letter of intent and attend IU…what about Stephenson, Strickland, etc?


  2. I have a question for you guys. Do you guys have any reason to believe that this will end up much worse than it already is? That is, there could be a lot more to come out?

    I know everything most of us hear are just rumors. However, one person I know close to college coaching circles said the NCAA might do a full investigation of IU. This would be trouble for any program. In addition, it seems IU is overreacting if it’s only secondary violations.

    Hope all this is just a rumor. I’ve backed Sampson, but if it gets much worse I might have to join the others in running him out of town.

  3. The part I don’t understand is how the asst. coaches could be unaware that they were under sanctions as well. Also, the fact that they had to sign a report which stated that they didn’t do any recruiting from their home phones, when in fact they all had, is pretty sketchy. Senderoff’s attitude towards the sanctions especially is ridiculous. Throughout the report, the sense that came through to me was the complete lack of respect he seemed to have towards the gravity of the situation. McCallum’s 1 call and Meyer’s 10 calls are somewhat forgivable, but it’s just hard to understand how Senderoff could be so lackadaisical towards the sanctions. Sampson has to take some of the blame, of course, for not emphasizing the gravity and the need to act more conservatively. To be facetious, where was the tough-nosed defense??

  4. Chris, why is your Herald Times email address given at your articles but apparently any emails sent to it are blocked?

  5. Elsie,

    The Ice Miller reports that IU e-mailed to us filled Chris’ inbox to the limit they allow us at the H-T, so your e-mail to him bounced back to you. He’s deleting some e-mails right now so he won’t continue to have that problem. Please try him again.

  6. I’ve made a quick run through the report, but one thing is still confusing me: were the three way calls placed to Sampson’s cell phone or his home phone? At one point, the report said that Sampson’s home phone was not used for any calls. On the other hand, the reason for the calls was the poor cell phone service. Was Senderoff just having better luck, or was he calling the home phone. Too bad Kelvin didn’t decide to suck it up, give the recruits his number, and then change his phone number after a year.

  7. It is inaccurate and misleading at best.

    No where in the report does Sampson say he knew. What is being reported is two recruits saying they recall Sampson on the phone with Senderoff. They could be lying or their recollection is off. Certaintly, Sampson has the opportunity to tell what he remembers.

  8. Hoosier 81,

    As far as I can tell, Indiana won’t lose the ability to recruit any of the people they are currently after, even if that player was recruited through impermissible calls or contact.

    Indiana did include in its self-sanctions a clause stating that it stopped recruiting one student due to the infractions. That student’s name was redacted but we have determined, through multiple sources, that it was Bud Mackey, the 6-4 guard from Kentucy who would have joined the class of 2008.

    Mackey and his family were the recipients of about 22 calls from Rob Senderoff, all placed after Mackey had verbally committed, that were considered impermissible. Because Mackey spent his time shuffling between three homes he was often difficult for Indiana’s coaches to find. He also struggled with grades and considered transferring to a different high school. During that period, people in Georgetown, Ky., sought out Senderoff and asked him to give Mackey guidance.

    Senderoff stopped contacting Mackey in early September, about three weeks prior to when Mackey was arrested with five crack rocks in his shoe. After his arrest, Indiana stopped recruiting Mackey, although it is not clear whether they did so as a result of his arrest or of the sanctions. Sampson is not allowed to discuss recruits, and all names of students are blacked out in the report.

    Hope that helps.


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