Katz: IU won’t take Mackey

Andy Katz, one of Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson’s favorite media types to chat with, is saying that Bud Mackey will have his scholarship offer taken away whether or not recent drug charges against the 6-4, class of 2008 guard stick and/or result in any sort of delay to his playing career. He cites a source close to the situation.

I think you’ve got to be an Insider to read this, but here’s a link anyway.

Mackey has an Oct. 16 hearing in Scott County, and faces two felony charges for drug trafficking.


  1. I like it. Let’s focus elsewhere. Bud left us no choice when he decided to have crack rocks on him. Too bad he ruined his IU career before it began…..

  2. It is a shame the road this young man is heading down. Hopefully he will pull it together, and straighten up his life before it is to late.

    Bravo to the Hoosiers for taking a stand against this kind of behavior.

  3. Big, big loss for the IU basketball program. But, at the same time, it’s good to see that Kelvin Sampson and the coaching staff are disassociating themselves with a player involved with this sort of thing. Indiana’s fan base has no aspirations of becoming the next Memphis or Cincinnati.

    Nonetheless, I think it’s going to put a lot more pressure on Devin Ebanks when he arrives next fall. With Eric Gordon probably leaving after this season for the NBA, it will be Ebanks’ and Armon Bassett’s team that year. That’s my early prediction. We’ll have to wait and see how Eli Holman progresses.

  4. This is the right course of action for Sampson and IU to take.

    I do hope that Mackey can learn from this mistake and recover from the situation. After all, he had a great reputation before this incident and there must be at least some truth to that. Hopefully, he can build on that good part of his character, turn his life back around, and put this drug business behind him.

  5. Its a shame that Mackey got involved in this, we still don’t know if this is a set up or not.

    My devious minds wonders if he is cleared of the charges against him, if he won’t wind up playing for Kentucky??

  6. Hoosier085, I find it hard to see how showing up on school property reeking of pot and carrying coke rocks could be a “set-up”. I applaude Coach Sampson for this decision. We simply do not need to bring THIS kind of recognition to the program.

  7. He won’t have to be cleared of the charges to play for Kentucky. As long as he can get it all behind him in time for his freshman season, KY will take him.

  8. I see him winding up at some small D-1 school or at a Jr. college for one or two years, and then I think another program will give him a shot, of course this is all asuming he isn’t in jail.

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