Laskowski back to broadcast Indiana basketball

Former Hoosier player John Laskowski will be back this season to televise some of Indiana’s basketball games on the Big Ten Network.

Laskowski, who attended Big Ten Basketball Media Day in Chicago, said he expects to broadcast about 10 to 12 Indiana games, including the first two exhibition games and the first two regular season games.

This will be the 30th year for Laz, a 1975 IU grad who lives in Bloomington, to cover the Hoosiers.


  1. I liked Laskowski as a player, but ugh.

    This takes me back to those days when Laskowski and Kitchel used to call IU games on Raycom. Generally, we’d turn off the sound on the TV and watch the game while listening to Don Fischer.

    But seeing as how I’m stuck in Comcast-land, I get the feeling I’ll be listening to a lot of Don Fischer anyway.

  2. Laffy, we have been working on the Senderoff story for days. You’ll see that we have an update on it now. In general, you won’t see updates from us until we have something solid to report. The situation with coach Senderoff is still unfolding and IU isn’t providing any information on it yet, so we’re having to gather what we can from others close to the situation. We’ll provide further reports as we are able. Thanks for the question.

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