Live at the Lynch Show

The show’s a wrap. Austin Starr said the Hoosiers need to maintain their momentum over the upcoming weeks and Bill Lynch said a big crowd Saturday would help in that effort.

Lynch said IU’s players might have gotten ahead of themselves in looking at the Minnesota game last year, but they know not to do that this time.

A caller asked why IU wore red pants and white jerseys Saturday at Iowa, rather than the white-on-white IU typically wears on the road. Lynch unveiled IU’s color strategy.

“The honest answer is we played on grass rather than turf. It’s easier to clean grass stains out of red pants than white pants.”
This was funny. Fischer was just starting to ask Lynch about Kellen Lewis’ flip when the play coincidentally was shown on TV here at Coaches. People in the crowd pointed and laughed as the play was shown twice on the Big Ten Network.
Not a lot new in the early part of the show with Lynch and Don Fischer. Lynch said IU rather than letting Iowa’s crowd get to them, the Hoosiers embraced the opportunity of playing in that kind of environment.

Fischer asked Lynch about IU setting a school record with nine sacks and now leading the nation in that statistic with 27. Lynch said good pass coverage and having the lead early in games have helped IU’s line in getting those sacks.
Inside IU Football with Bill Lynch has just started and the energy and noise in the room here is up a notch or two compared to previous weeks. I don’t know about the players, but it seems like IU’s fans really needed the win Saturday at Iowa.
The Bill Lynch radio show from Coaches Bar and Grill will start in a few minutes. The crowd here seems to get a little bigger every week, to the point they’re squeezing people in now.

Tonight’s player guests on the show are Jammie Kirlew and Austin Starr.


  1. I believe IU wore white pants with red jerseys for the Iowa game Saturday and they usually wear white on white for road games, not red on red. Come on Doug, you know this!

  2. Sorry, Adam, one of the challenges in working here is that there are a lot of distractions. I was talking with somebody who’d come up to my table as I typed that and got it backwards. I went back to edit it and you’d already caught my mistake. Thanks for paying attention.

  3. Adam, I just re-read your comment and – just to get this straight – you don’t have it right either. They actually wore red pants with white jerseys at Iowa. You can see it below in the post with the pictures of Kellen Lewis’ flip. But I’m not trying to nitpic. I’m usually not somebody who pays much attention to uniform colors, but now that I brought it up, I want to get it right.

  4. Maybe its because of the win, or Lewis’ fumble recovery and flip, that they remind me of. But the crimson pants, white jerseys are really growing on me. Can we wear them every road game?

    P.S. We should never wear anything but all crimson: helmets, jerseys, and pants at home. The look is just so awesome.

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