Live Q&A 11 a.m. Thursday

It’s quite a week for Indiana sports chat.

With the big win over Iowa and a 4-1 record, the Hoosier football team has an opportunity for one of its biggest wins in years – just like it did before last year’s disaster against Minnesota.

And with Hoosier Hysteria a week away, the shocking Bud Mackey news and some top recruits about to visit campus, there’s plenty of basketball news, as well.

So please join us for our 11 a.m. Q&A Thursday. To submit your questions, click here.


  1. Since the chat is over, I don’t know if you’d see the question or not, so I’m putting it here:

    Why won’t Sampson do a home-and-home with UNLV? They have a decent program, some history with us, and Kruger is well-liked (from what I know).

    Also, as part of my original question, do you think Sampson will go after a JUCO guard now or hold Bud’s ride for ’09?

  2. Laffy,

    I think that Sampson really feels as though his non-conference schedule is already difficult enough with locked in games against Kentucky and an ACC team (as part of the Big Ten-ACC Challenge.) He may add a difficult team or two down the line, and I guess UNLV would have as good a chance as any to jump into that slot.

    As for whether or not Sampson will look for a JUCO guard, there’s already word out there that Indiana has interest in Vincennes Junior College point guard Dodie Dunson, who played 31 games for Iowa State last season but opted to play a year at junior college to get his academics together. According to his family, he has suffered from dyslexia and felt that a program offered at Vincennes would help him adjust to the rigors of college classes.

    Thanks for following up.

    — Chris

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