Live from Assembly Hall at IU’s open practice

A very impressive crowd has shown up for today’s open practice at Assembly. 

The players began the practice with warm-up drills where the split up the post players from the perimeter players. D.J White, Mike White, Lance Stemler, DeAndre Thomas, Kyle Tabor and Eli Holman all worked at one basket with Sampson while Dan Dakich looked on.

At the other, the rest of the team ran through drills under the supervision of Ray McCallum and Jeff Meyer.

Now they’re stretching out and loosening up for the practice. Much more to come, so stay tuned.


  1. Andy,
    The vibe is very supportive. At one point, he was shooting free throws while the team was stretching and made quite a few in a row. When he finally missed, the crowd reacted loudly and cheered for him. He gave a smile.

  2. Thanks, Zak. Do you have any idea if this is a representative practice session? Is it typical, or are they kind of putting on a fan-friendly show?

  3. No, Rob Senderoff is not here. I just learned that both him and AJ Ratliff (who’s also not here) are absent due to personal reasons.

    Attendance is about 3,000 people, but that’s an estimate. One side of the student section is nearly full. It seems like a pretty even mix of students and non-students.

  4. And also Andy, I’ve got a feeling this isn’t a normal practice. They’ve scrimmaged for probably 80 percent of it, which isn’t something I think they do every day. My guess is Sampson looked at the week’s schedule, and decided to save his real “teaching” practices for days when he had the team to himself.

    It is a very serious atmosphere, however. No dunks like Hoosier Hysteria.

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