Mackey update

I spoke with Capt. Scott Starns, the Captain of Patrol and Public Information officer for the Georgetown police, on Monday. He gave me a few details of Bud Mackey’s arrest last Friday.

Mackey, 18, was arrested at 5:09 p.m., almost exactly two hours after the Georgetown police were first notified that there was a problem with the local basketball star.

Mackey was found, smelling of marijuana, shortly after 3 p.m. outside the school. During a subsequent search of Mackey’s belongings and person, school administrators discovered 1.6 grams of rock cocaine — broken into five separate rocks — and $29 in Mackey’s shoes. At that point the case was turned over to the Georgetown police and Mackey — as well as his grandfather, who had been called by the school — where taken to the police station.

After giving a statement to police, Mackey was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance (first degree, first offense) as well as trafficking in a controlled substance within 1,000 yards of a school.

The first charge is a Class C felony and the second is a Class D felony in Kentucky, though Starns said that prosecutors often choose to concentrate on only one charge instead of pressing forward with both.

According to Starns, Mackey was charged with trafficking — as opposed to possession — because of the statements he made to both school officials and police. He told them he was carrying the drugs and planned to deliver them to an undisclosed person.


  1. This is interesting because he did not state he was selling … just delivering so he may just be a mule for the source (seller) … With a good lawyer he could plea down or the trafficking may not stick.
    If he turns in his source and the person he was to deliver to, he may find his charges reduced…

  2. I don’t care what he was doing with it… Being a mule is no better than selling it. We don’t need that sh!t in Bloomington…

  3. I don’t care what he gets from it. Doesn’t matter why he had it, what he was doing with it. He smelled of marijuana, and was carrying 1.6 oz of rock cocaine!!! Cut him loose Sampson, pull his offer, reject his letter, who cares how good of a player he is, we do not need this kind of behavior in the program.

    This really put in perspective just how minor it really was when Blake Powers tossed a water ballon.

  4. Thanks for the update.

    I agree he’ll probably get the charges reduced.

    I also agree he should not wear the Hoosier uniform.

  5. My question is, what if it had just been a little crack? Like say, 0.1 or 0.2 ounces of crack. Could Hoosier nation have forgiven that?

    It’s just a little crack…

  6. I am an older timer and this reminds me of Sherron Wilkerson. A better than average player but a poor citizen from the start. I know from personal experience with the young man. Never amounted to beans. Sampson has a chance to make a statement about his and IU’s program. Cut him loose and focus on good kids/players.

  7. We can replace him with someone that doesn’t sell crack… In front of his own H.S. After smoking a blunt…. He would probably flunk out anyway.. Whats his major? Business? Was he getting a jumpstart on his franchise Crack Stand??? Stay in KY with the Wildcats Mackey…. No candy stripes for you!

  8. Bill said, “Sampson has a chance to make a statement about his and IU’s program.”

    That statement better be we always give kids the benefit of the doubt and at least a second chance. Look, I’ve been watching IU b-ball for 35 years. I saw the same things happen with Knight’s kids. You work with them as long as they allow you. They are still just kids. IU’s reputation does not suffer. That’s what a university does.

  9. There are Hundreds of kids that aren’t dealing crack that deserve that scholarship…. You wouldn’t be defending him if he was a 2 star recruit now would you? Be honest….

  10. Jay Edwards was one of the biggest dopers in high school and Bob welcomed him with open arms and kept him for 2 years…..and would have kept him longer.

  11. Laffy – Edwards problems with drugs was not known until his sophomore year, when the IU in house testing program caught him. He admitted to having the issues in high school, after he was caught in college.

  12. Jones, I know you must be kidding with “just a littlle
    crack”! Do you want your children exposed to “just a
    little” narcotic of any kind, let alone crack?
    I agree with Juan. An 18 year old caught with crack for
    any reason has real problems. He can get his second
    chance elsewhere. IU doesn’t need him!!! I don’t care
    if he’s the second coming of Michael Jordan if he’s into
    hard drugs at this age.

  13. Mike—

    People talk about “everyone around Mackey knew he was on drugs.”

    Well, everyone that knew Edwards in high school knew he was a druggie. It was the worst kept secret in Indiana.

    Don’t forget, many players got busted with pot……..and Bob kept them.

    Heck, I got high with one of the players myself in ’83 and know people that got stoned with other players.

    They weren’t exactly choir boys.

  14. Some people have this notion that Knight never allowed anything bad to happen to any of his players, as if he was some type of tracking device on all of them and they never got into any trouble. Get real, kids do stupid things, and they’ve done stupid things for a long time. That being said, I don’t think Mackey should still get to keep his scholly…because cocaine is a little different than getting caught tokin up the weed. But if he were to come here on a ‘zero tolerance’ (you Knight fans love that word don’t you) then I wouldn’t have a problem if he was allowed here until his first minor screw up.

  15. This becomes a running commentary on the whole athlete/role model issue that is overtaking the news. Crack vs. weed. Come on. Five/Ten years ago it is alcohol vs. weed. Knight had them. Davis had them. For you that are old enough……Watson and McCracken had them. Boys will be idiots but with the media coverage of athletes these days, the line needs to be drawn. Unfortunately, Sampson must make a decision with this case. Forgiveness is awesome, but coach must personally forgive him and professionally decline to offer young Bud a scholarship. The message needs to be sent that this behavior is a deal breaker. Yes, you are right. This stuff went on years ago and will continue to occur. The real issue is…….how will IU and Sampson react. I could type on about the new era athlete. yada yada blah blah. I also agree that the bad boys are a small percentage of the large group. Thank goodness. Thanks to the media for reporting the bad news. No slam to my favorite crew at HT, but we are in a new millenium.

  16. Man every body makes mistakes give my boy another chance coach i mean yall gunna need him if yall want 2 succeed cuz if not or even wit him ky is till gunna whip dat azz

  17. It is easy to judge but hard to be judged! The kid made a mistake! You guys are crucifying the kid and you dont know the specific details. You dont know by now that the media only writes what it wants you to know! You guys can’t be that ignorant! I would like to have made public some of you guys mistakes….. Adultry, extortion, greed, I can go on and on! When most of you people were growing up you didnt have to worry about a kid bringing a gun to school, you didnt have to worry about where your next meal was going to come from! Until you live through the struggle of a black male dont be so quick to judge. Most people who point out others mistakes are making sure that their own demons dont come to light! Your mistakes may not be broadcast all over the country but one day you will have to answer to some one that dont care how big your house is, what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have. ITs BAD NEWS for most of you people. You guys need G-d in your life!

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