Men’s soccer: Indiana at Louisville, analysis


Sarkodie is chasing after the refs, and is not happy that there was no call on the goal. Now Ackley is getting involved.

Doesn’t really matter. Goal counts, and the Louisville players are piling up on top of each other near the Louisville bench.


Intermission before overtime: Interestingly, Indiana coahc Mike Freitag is not even addressing his team here going into the extra period. He’s back with the coaches chatting. The players have taken a seat inside the bus shelter-like structure on the sideline, and I can only imagine that senior captains Charley Traylor and Greg Stevning are speaking.

Now Freitag walks over to share a word. He’s clapping his hands and encouraging the boys.


88:30 into the game: Indiana Brian Ackley just stepped into Ryan McDonald along the sideline, earing a yellow card and allowing Louisville to have a free kick near midfield. As a result the Cardinals controlled most of the final minutes of play but again Indiana’s defenders were in position.


87:00 into the game: Louisville earns a corner and then plays an impressive pass into the box. But an Indiana player is fouled, and the Cardinals miss out on a chance.


LOUISVILLE 1, INDIANA 1 (83:10 into the game)

Marco Terminesi just ran through a crowd and caught up to a long serve into Indiana’s defense. The ball landed near his feet and Munroe was unable to hop on the ball before it slipped over the line.

Certainly it was a fortunate bounce, but Louisville has clearly had more urgency for, well, almost the entire game. Indiana just hasn’t been the same since taking the lead.


80:00 into the game: Lousiville is still certainly getting the better of the chances but has been unable to punch one into the net. The Cardinals have been subbing fairly frequently, hoping to have fresh legs for a final push.


72:00 into the game: the Cardinals earn a corner kick, but it goes into the goal area and squirts out the other side, resulting in a goal kick.


67:15 into the game: Munroe just made a diving save on a shot by Freddie Braun.

Braun chased down a bouncing ball and managed to knock it away from Greg Stevning, who got turned around. But Braun’s strike curved right and Munroe was able to not only knock it down but away from an other Cardinals players.


61:25 into the game: The Hoosiers just had their first sustained fit of offense. It began with a smart deep lob to the other side of the field by Brad Ring, which was run onto by Kevin Alston. Indiana then worked the ball around near the top of the box — the same way it did on the goal — but could not get any shots through.


58:35 into the game: Louisville just sent a header wide. It seemed to catch Chris Munroe, who was thrust into this game after Chay Cain took a hard hit, a little bit by surprise.


53:50 into the game: Indiana just had several chances off a corner kick, and the end result was another corner kick. That one, though, was knocked harmlessly away.


50:22 into the game: Louisville is getting the better of the second-half chances, and just knocked a free kick from about 25 yards just wide.


Half: Louisville took over the half and had seven shots to Indiana’s two. As has been the pattern this year, the Cardinals are working the ball in close and earning shots with tough play inside the box.

Indiana appears to be at least a bit shaken by injuries to goalkeeper Chay Cain and forward Darren Yeagle.


30:15 into the first half: Now Yeagle has been injured and is walking off the field. Looks to be his left knee. He went down and stayed down, curled up in a tight fetal position before motioning for the trainers. He then limped off and has been back behind the bench trying to walk and talking to trainer Joe Luekan.

Now his Louisville-based surgeon has been called to Indiana’s bench to take a look at the knee.


29:45 into the first half: Louisville forward Frank Jonke just had the Cardinals’ best chance of the game, cutting in on Eric Alexander and firing a shot that just missed the far top corner.


25:00 into the first half: Darren Yeagle, the Louisville native who is making his first start for the Hoosiers coming off ACL injury, has taken a few hard hits so far this game. Once he’s jogged slightly off the field to stretch out his knee and just a few seconds ago he sat on the turf for a few seconds after essentially being body checked while trying to cut in along the baseline toward the net. He’s OK, though.


14:40 into the first half: Indiana keeper Chay Cain just took a fairly heavy hit going up for a jump ball. He’s down now and being attended to.

Well, the trainers helped pull him to his feet and it looks like he’ll stay in the game.

Indiana has dominated the play so far but Louisville seems to be feeling its way into the game.



Just three minutes in and Eric Alexander has already given the No. 13 Hoosiers a 1-0 lead. He took a short pass from Daniel Kelly at about the 18 and fired through the Cardinals defense. Indiana has been working on getting those sorts of touches and quick shots from that area.