Minnesota at Indiana, quick analysis (second half)


  • On first down, Payton gets into the end zone for his third touchdown of the day.
  • That’ll just about do it for my in-game blogging activity. We’ll be back after interviews.


Patterson has a monstrous series there, getting in front of everything and finally jumping that route and grabbing an interception and returning it 45 yards to the Minnesota 5.



  • Now Minnesota has used the run to push into the red zone. And, wow, are the Gophers taking their time. No hurry up offense at all.
  • That ball squirted right through Thomas’ hands. In that instance, I think he needs to worry more about knocking it away from the receiver instead of trying to make the catch.
  • Decker slips right over the line and gets that catch.
  • The Gophers go for two to make it an 11 point game, but Webers pass pulls his receiver out of the end zone.


After Indiana’s drive ends with a sack but a fortuitous bounce on the first Michael Hines punt of the day, the crowd begins to thin out.

I had a few fans call me this week and say that the reason they’ve been leaving early doesn’t have so much to do with the product on the field as it does the temperature in the stands. Right now, the sun is still beating squarely on the crowd and to be honest, they’re looking a little beleaguered. And I don’t blame them. It’s incredibly uncomfortable in the press box here, and we’re at least shielded from the direct sun.


Minnesota has a good chance to make something happen with the ball at Indiana’s 41.

  • But Indiana’s defense is strong again, and forces Minnesota into going for it on 4th and 7.
  • Wheelright could have made the grab, but he was pressured by Justin Carrington, who has quietly become a great linebacker out of the nickel set.


Indiana takes over and needs to run some clock down.

  • But on the first play, Lewis is chased and throws to Hardy, who drops it. That’s at least four today.
  • I’m fairly certain, after that run, that Kellen Lewis is among the top five most exciting players in all of college football. He just went 44 yards, out of nowhere.
  • But he’s still prone to a poor throw here and there, and that was one of them.


Minnesota once again can’t get anything going on offense. Indiana’s defense has been so solid.


INDIANA 33, MINNESOTA 14 (4:42, third quarter)

  • Drive details: 51 yards, 11 plays

Indiana has a chance to put the game pretty well out of reach coming off that interception.

  • Austin Starr kicks his fourth field goal of the day — and ninth consecutive — from 43 yards. That ties Starr with four other kickers for most field goals in a single game by a Hoosier.


Leslie Majors just made a play that will likely be shown on Hoosier highlight films for years to come. And he did it mostly due to good fortune.
Geno Johnson got his hands on a Weber pass, and Majors happened to be falling right at the spot where the ball landed. He managed to make a one-armed grab from his back.



INJURY UPDATE: The Hoosiers have lost four players this game to injury.

  • Josiah Sears has a head injury.
  • Tyler Replogle has a knee injury.
  • Marcus Thigpen hurt his left ankle.
  • And Ben Wyss has not returned after being injured on block.

Now to Indian’s first drive of the second half, which ends with another field goal. The Hoosiers have yet to punt.

  • On first down, Ray Fisher breaks a screen up the near sideline for a career-long 54-yard gain.
  • Lewis misses Hardy twice on the drive, and Starr is brought on for a 25-yard-field goal. Lewis generally doesn’t miss on that many passes during a drive.


Minnesota receives the kick but is forced to punt.

One comment

  1. The Hoosiers were just forced to punt for the first time, and you know that’s a good thing when it comes with 12:22 left in the game.

    Kellen Lewis’s jaw dropping 44-yard scamper at the 11:39 mark in the third still has me in awe. Chris said it brilliantly: “Kellen Lewis is a really good football player.”

    He seems to have been pinned down by about five Gophers, no joke. And yet every time, amazingly, he escaped and would have had a unbelievable touchdown run if he hadn’t been run out of bounds around the 20-yard line.

    IU has been impressive today. Barring a miracle, the Hoosiers will be 5-1 for the first time in fourteen years. With Marcus Thigpen out, Bryan Patyon has more than sufficiently stepped in. Not only that, Hardy is getting plenty of help in the air attack, as Means and Fisher have caught 12 balls for 133 yards.

    10:05 left until the Hoosiers are 5-1, barring a miracle. IU football fans know to keep their fingers crossed, but from what we can see, it’s been a great day for Hoosier fans.

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