Penn State at Indiana, second half updates

Indiana starts at its own 5.

  • Lewis drops and fires, but it’s knocked down at the line.
  • Lewis throws for Hardy over the middle, great catch with a defender draped on him.
  • Time is ticking, though. Lewis throws for Means at the marker, gets the first down and a clock stoppage.
  • Lewis drops and rolls left slightly and throws. It’s knocked down by Evans.
  • Lewis ducks and charges ahead for 13 yards. And he gets out of bounds.
  • Lewis throws to Fisher five yards deep over the middle of the field. Five yard gain, Indiana calls time out with :48 left.
  • Lewis drops and throws for Hardy, who is again hounded by King.
  • 3rd and 5, Lewis drops the ball. Penn State picks it up.


Penn State anticipates the onsides kick, but Starr kicks deep.

  • The crowd is boisterous, and Indiana’s defensive players are waving their arms in encouragement.
  • The Hoosiers get a stop on first down. Kinlaw only gets two yards.
  • Then Kinlaw tries again and is stopped by Middleton and gains just one yard.
  • Adam McClurg gets after Morelli, who has to throw it away. Penn State will punt.
  • Porter can’t make the catch on the punt and it rolls all the way to the 5-yard-line.



  • Drive details: 80 yards, six plays, 1:06

Indiana takes over at the 20.

  • Lewis throws for nine yards to Bailey.
  • Then he looks for Hardy, but it goes throw his hands.
  • Josiah Sears gets into the game and runs forward for a big gain, putting Indiana into positive running yardage for the day.
  • James Hardy ends up playing defensive back on that play, give Anthony Scirrotto a heavy hit to knock the ball out his hands.
  • Lewis finally runs the ball and does so for 56 yards and a touch down. What a dramatic play.



Penn State starts at its 23.

  • The crowd is really into this game, which has all the makings of one that could be remembered for a long time.
  • Morelli throws for Williams on first down. He gains nine.
  • Matt Hahn rumbles ahead for six.
  • Morelli throws left to Williams, who picks up 15.
  • Morelli throws to Chris Bell, who’s been in Paterno’s dog house, for a gain of six.
  • Now Norwood takes another one of those screen passes and avoids a hard hit by Porter to get ahead for six yards and a first down.
  • Royster into the pile, and then the pile moves ahead about seven yards.
  • Matt Hahn plunges into the line and doesn’t encounter anybody. He gets all the way to the Indiana 16.
  • Kinlaw takes a carry 11 yards up the middle.
  • That brings up 1st and goal from the 5. Indiana has held in the red zone a couple of times this game. Can it here?
  • No. Rodney Kinlaw has space to get going and pushes across the line.



  • Drive details: 80 yards, 13 plays, 4:24

Indiana starts at the 20.

  • Suddenly, there’s a bunch of tight ends in the game.
  • Thigpen plunges up middle for three.
  • Lewis finds Hardy on the sideline for an eight-yard gain.
  • Bailey makes a grab and then breaks a tackle. That leads a Penn State player to commit a personal foul as he drags Bailey down out of bounds.
  • Lewis misfires and throws the ball out of the reach of Walker-Roby.
  • Lewis stands in and finds Hardy on a quick in for a six-yard gain.
  • Penn State brings three down linemen, and Lewis finds Hardy at the first down marker. He gets down to make a great catch.
  • Indiana exploits Penn State’s choice to drop players into coverage by running Payton for seven.
  • Then Thigpen takes a screen and picks up the first down.
  • Hardy breaks free into the back of the endzone, and Lewis’s pass is a little too high and takes a second too long to get there.
  • Lewis throws to Hardy after a one step drop, but Hardy is down on his knee when he catches it. He picks up just four yards.
  • Lewis darts right and seems to have some room, but opts to try to throw back across the field. Sean Lee jumps up and gets a hand on the ball.
  • Indiana will go for it on 4th and 6 from the 13.
  • Lewis throws to Bailey at the sideline, but Penn State has two guys there. There’s some controversy about whether it will be a first down, but then it’s ruled that he did just make it.
  • Lewis throws one up for Hardy, who makes the 31st TD grab of his career. That’s a new Indiana record.



Lewis fumbles while being chased by Evans, but Penn State can’t punch it in and settles for a 20-yard field goal.



  • Drive details: nine yards, four plays, 2:09

Penn State gets the ball at Indiana 13.

  • Fullback Matt Hahn gains seven on first down.
  • Morelli loses one on second down, as he bootlegs but runs into a couple of defenders.
  • So Penn State faces a 3rd and 4 from the seven, and gives the ball to Kinlaw, its smaller back. He picks up three.
  • Kevin Kelly will try a 21-yard field goal. He hits it.


The Hoosiers get the ball at their 31.

  • Thigpen runs left for a loss of 2.
  • Lewis throws to Hardy on the sideline, and he muscles through a tackle and pushes the ball over midfield.
  • Lewis throws down the sideline for Hardy. This time King is called for the pass interference.
  • Nice play call there, as Thigpen takes a screen and dances forward for eight yards.
  • Now Payton in to clean it up and get the first down. But he’s stopped for no gain on first down.
  • Lewis drops and quickly finds Hardy for six yards and a first down.
  • Maurice Evans busts through the line, pushes Lewis over and picks up the football. He runs it down to the 13 yard-line.
  • The play is going to be reviewed, but every angle we’ve seen indicates its a fumble.


Williams takes the kick off and gets out to the 24. But Indiana is nailed for a personal foul.

  • Morelli throws far down the middle, but Porter has the coverage.
  • Kinlaw runs right and can only pick up two yards.
  • Penn State has trouble dealing with the crowd — yes, it’s pretty loud, and has a false start.
  • On 3rd and 13, Morelli throws deep for Bulter, and Porter is there to break it up.



Drive details: nine yards, four plays, 1:31

Indiana starts at the Penn State 24.

  • Thigpen cuts left to gain nine.
  • Thigpen tries the right side, is stacked and doesn’t gain a yard.
  • On 3rd and 1, Lewis drops and tries to throw to Hardy.
  • Austin Starr hits a 33-yard field goal.


The Nittany Lions start from their eight.

  • Penn State sends Royster up the middle for three yards.
  • Then Royster blows through the middle and gets to the 23.
  • Royster up the middle and he fumbles it away. Indiana recovers. The crowd is as loud as it has been all year here at Memorial Stadium. William Patterson forces it and Gino Johnson recovers it.


Penn State kicks to Thigpen, and he hurts them again with a 53-yard return.

  • Payton tries to get through the line, but gains just one yard on 1st and 10 from the Penn State 43.
  • On 3rd and 2 from the 36, Lewis drops to pass and is sacked by Phil Taylor.
  • Hines kicks it 35-yards to the Penn State 8.



  • Drive details: Four plays, seven yards, 1:38

Penn State takes over and the 12 yard after Wallace grabs the fumble. Kevin Kelly ends the drive with a 22-yard field goal, his 50th as a Nittany Lion. That ties the record for most in a career at Penn State.

  • Kinlaw ahead for one.
  • Kinlaw jukes left to get inot a hole and pick up six.
  • On 3rd and 3 from the five, Morelli is pressured and forces a pass that has no receiver on the end of it.
  • Kevin Kelly attempts a 22-yarder and hits it.


Penn State will open the half with the ball at the 34 after an A.J. Wallace return.

  • Morelli fakes the handoff the bootlegs the other way and throws to Golden.
  • Kinlaw looks to find a way up the middle and is stopped for a loss.
  • That brings up a 3rd and four, there’s a false start.
  • On 3rd and nine, Morelli just flicks the ball ahead to Williams for 11 yards.
  • Morelli tries to throw the screen to Norwood, but they can’t connect. Polk was there to stop it early, anyway. No doubt that Indiana talked about that play at half.
  • Penn State tries the middle again, and Kinlaw can’t get anywhere.
  • On 3rd and 10, Marando gets through the line and levels Morelli for a 12-yard loss.
  • Porter makes a mistake and tries to field the punt. It drifts beyond him and Penn State recovers.

One comment

  1. It is not hard to stop swing passes, all you have to do is line up your cornerbacks across from their receivers. Their dinking out to the flats for five yards every damn play killed us. What is the threat of pushing forward our cornerbacks? That Morelli throws down field? What threat, that is the best scenario of any PSU offensive play. From my memory he threw downfield three times yesterday, resulting in an interception, a dropped interception, and a pass that was closer to being intercepted than caught by the psu receiver.

    The fumbles have to stop and stop permanantly. Porter’s and two by Lewis were just dumb, dumb, dumb. I’ll give Lewis a break on the one where he got hit by a damn train, that was obviously the lines fault.

    Did Lewis forget how to run until the 4th quarter? He hesitated way too much and a lot of those sacks were his fault. Also, aren’t most of our running plays options? It wouldn’t hurt for Lewis to pull it out every now and then. Worked pretty well against msu. Did we call even one QB draw yesterday? It’s a good way to put them on their heels and slow up their blitzes.

    Lot of things to correct, but we looked pretty good for a lot of the game on both sides of the ball.

    Go Hoosiers, beat the Badgers!

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